środa, 26 kwietnia 2017

Mallaig, Armadale and Silver Sands (Highlands)

Isle of Skye was one of those places, which I wanted to visit, since I started living  in Scotland in 2012. Every year I was planning trip, every year it was a fiasco. I had eiter no holiday, that I could use, nor money. Or both of these esential factors, to make it work out. This year my situation was different. Even tho my budget was rather small and I had just 3 days of holiday to use, I managed to make it happen. I have found great deal for train tickets, acceptable hostel for equally acceptable price and decided to go for it.

My small adventure started on 11th of April. I had to take bus to Glasgow first, as there is no direct connection of Edinburgh and Mallaig, which was my destination. When I arrived at Queen street station, I noticed a small crowd was already waiting for same train as me, tho mostly their objective was Fort William.  

Trip lasted 5 hours and was amazing, because of views. Highlands are simply breathtakingly beautiful, no matter the weather (and as we all know, Scotland's weather is changing every 5 minutes and brings many variations od sun and rain combined).

I arrived at Mallaig before 2PM. My accomodation- The Missxion Bunkhose, was literally 1 minute from station, which was very convinient, as the sky decided to open in half and just drop hectolitres of water on ground. When I checked in and sorted out my stuff at room (small and rather humble, but clean), I looked thru window and decided to take a short walk.
Mallaig is small. And when I write small, I mean tiny. You can walk from one side of city to another within 15-20 minutes. It's population is 800 people, who live either from fishing or tourism. There are few cafeterias/ bars. Some shops, also with souvenirs, and a harbour, which allows people to get to Skye.

Train Station in Mallaig

And the street view
I looked around slowly, took some pictures and got a crossaint from local bakery (pic bellow), which was enough to fill me in. 
Evening came very quick and, as I was tired, I went to sleep early.
Next day I woke up full of energy. Dressed up comfortably (no frils included, haha), grabbed cup of latte and went to port, to board 9AM Caledonian McBrayne ferry to Armadale. 

See that part where cars are gathered? This is already a ferry.
 Place for foot passengers.
At service desk I was told, that my return boat 'may be cancelled' if weather changes. I still took a risk and after nearly 1 hour long sail, I arrived at my destination.

Beautiful vievs of sea.

I have explored clan McDonald properties


 and garden.
 Aaaaand just basically walked around, relaxed and enjoyed the day.

I got home safely, as ferries were running without problem. Happy with what I saw (there is dispute among people on internet, if it's worth visiting Armadale or not, haha) and prepared for more.

Following day started with big breakfast. It was supposed to be very exciting and exhausting trip to Knoydart and Tarbet. Unfortunatelly, against the forecast, weather changed awfully. Ferries and other boats were grounded and I was forced to stay in Mallaig. Or did I? I took a walk to Morar and wanted to see Silver Sands, which are highly recomended by Trip Advisor. Two hours and it happend

but next time I am gonna take a walk like this, I have to remember to also take warmer clothing and more comfortable shoes. Yup, for sure. 

My trip was basically over. Next morning I took early train, back to Glasgow, got matcha latte from Starbucks there (don't judge- it's my addiction, hahaha) and soon went back to Edinburgh.

Maybe not everything went acording to plan, but I really enjoyed those few days off. I would like to go there someday again, maybe at middle of summer and maybe for longer, but we will  see what future brings. 

niedziela, 2 kwietnia 2017


Somebody please stop the time. It's running so fast, that I cannot cope....

April. Another month ahead of us. This one will be even more busy than the March, but I hope to deliver few interesting notes this time. Not only lolita related. My schedule is bellow~

*April 9th - Scottish Vegan Festival

*April 11th - 14th- Small trip to Isle of Skye 

*April 15th - Edinburgh Comic Con. I plan (as usual) wearing lolita and maybe will make video out of the event)

Also I can confirm, that I'll be on London's Tea Party Club's 10th aniversary
I know it's quite far ahead but until last moment I wasn't sure if I'll be going at all. It's thanks to a friend, that I got this oportunity. 

niedziela, 5 marca 2017

Raicon Spring Edition 2017

March already, which means that I have not posted for a whole month. This and that happened. Some changes at my workplace, which may be considered as 'good' (temporarily moved to accounting section). Also college, which I enjoy. Unfortunatelly it leaves me with less time for writing notes for a blog and other similiar, more creative activities. But justbetween us, I have to tell ya, that I've prepared a note about Valentine lolita meetup before this one, but somehow managed to delete it (kids, don't be like Meshya, don't be so clumsy like me, haha), thus silence. I will rewrite it, so you will eventually get it (meantime you can check the >>>>VLOG<<<< from that event), but today I give ya a short photo relation from Raicon. It's manga & anime convention, that takes place in Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall, two times a year. The one I was part of yesterday, was a Spring edition. It brought together few hundreds people (unfortunately I have no official numbers, will update when they will appear), with passion for japanesse pop culture, who appeared to enjoy every bit of it. Take a look!

 Line to the entrance. Dosn't look that bad, eh? 
Well, let me just tell ya, it was loooooooonnngggg!
After my ticket got checked, I got a flashy, yellow wristband and...went to see what is goin on.
That's how main stage looked like.
One of the halls with shops. Whatever the time- full. 

 Vintage game room
Artists alley. One of the places I always visit several times, because that's where you can find most interesting things IMO. Some people have a tallent, that's what I can tell ya. 

Board games corner at the begining of Raicon...
...and in mid day. Packed!
There were many attractions and interesting things, but what I love the most are people (yes, I know I repeat myself). First- cosplay. 

 Hey, can You spot me on this picture? *hint- I have 'puff''*
And some cute lolitas! 
Heeeey! What's this Usagi doin' here? :P 

Few words to sum it up~~
Conventions are not my thing anymore (which I wrote about before), but I still liked it. Maybe because of melancholy. It's so nice to see so many people, who gathered in one place to just celebrate the passion and love for something. Seeing their creativity and approach on the topic, makes me remember how I was in the past. 
Now, said that, we can all confirm that I just belong to dinosaurs generation, hahaha :D And with this positive accent, I finish this note. Until next time!