niedziela, 26 maja 2019

Raicon Spring 2019

Past those two years, when I was absent from blog, there were many things I wanted to wtite about, many topics that took my intetest and I wanted to share with You. But I couldn't focus enough, to write, to deliver anything the way I wanted.I figured out, that instead of thinking too much and trying to create/ write content, that will be a 'blast' and will be 'perfect in every inch', I will the best I can, to share my passion for this or that with You. That said, let's start from something that kinda unites my hobbies- a convention, oriented on japanese pop culture- Raicon.

Last time I've been on a con...well, fair amount of time ago. That is one of the reasons, that I bought one day (Saturday) ticket for Spring edition of local manga & anime convention, called Raicon. It's an event orginised twice a year, around May and November. It may not be the biggest party in the town, but it has faithful fans, who enjoy every aspect of being a part of it. From possibility to buy plenty of great things from both; officially settled stores, offering variety of gadgets and artists, who sell all sorts of items. Followed by cosplay, photo studio, maid cafe etc. 

On the day of the con, I made myself look decent, wearing my Magic Tea Party Bedtime Stories jumperskirt. I am not a big fan of the animal ears in lolita coord, but I think that they looked pretty cute here.
I took the train to Queen Streen Station and after arriving there, I rushed to Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, where Raicon was held. It was hard to miss the place, because of what could be seen beside entrance; quite a long line of enthusiastic people, many in costumes or really cool outfits. 
Despite crowd, accreditation went nice and smoothly (I got in within 15 minutes).

First thing I checked was a markeplace with loads of goods. Yet, just recently, I had to spend quite an amount on something else, so I just looked around a bit and took a note of some interesting shops. One of them was Grumpy Bunny (also on DEPOP) A British based shop with Kawaii brands like ACDC Rag or Axes Femme. If You like this kind of style, typical for Harajuku streets, visit and support their shop. Their prices are reasonable.  
There were many shops with comic books, artbooks, figurines and other gadgets
 plus, obviously a booth with japanese snacks (who dosn't love them!)
I ended up just drooling a bit, because of my never ending diet, hahaha. 

After I finished exploring that part of con, I went to check out Artist Aisle and board games area. 

Ah, how I miss ther times, when I was selling my drawings! I think that returning to that busines might be good idea? What do You think? Do I still have it in me? Hmm? We will see. Meantime I just take inspiration, looking at other amazing people.
While I wanted to see as much as possible, I wondered to a panel about steampunk style/fashion, kindly run by Glasgow Ubiquitous E. Steampunk Society Absolutely awesome and super friendly group! I am a member of their facebook group for ages (literally), just never had courage to join their meetup. I am working on that though!

As always, in middle of things, I met so many beautifuly dressed people. Starting from cosplayers. Capitan Marvel was one of my favs *_* 
 That beauty, Jennifer, dressed as character from BNHA is also a lolita fashion enthusiast, yay!
Oh, since Raicon was on 4th of May, which is international STAR WARS day, it was just apropriate to dress as characters from the saga.
This...this is...not a cosplay. Or is it? Does it really matter? This is genius! Sending You love Kim-chan and Trump-chan, may You be always kawaii-desu desu desu...
(seriously, whoever You are, You made my day!)
Now time for some pretty people! 
Very cute lolita, which Raicon was first convention ever, as far as I understood. 
Hope You enjoyed it! 
 Rockin' Takeshita-dori style outfit! 
 Beautiful and etheric elf girl.
 Emily in her stunning AP dress, which name I so not remember, because me and japanese names for dresses do NOT go in pair, sorry. Either way, You looked great, as always, my dear.
And that's just only a VERY SMALL percent of people, who generally been smashing Harajuku style in best way possible. 

Closer to lunch time, I went to the vintage game room, to get the 'I am so old, I remember Nintendo64' vibe (yes, I AM THAT OLD, lol). 

But got so hungry, that decided to grab something to eat. Went out of the building, where I saw cosplay and dance groups, which were organising their own activities (it was nice and sunny that day, so obviously You would do that).
Anyway, my plan was to go home, change and enjoy following attractions of the con, through the day, yet I got a bit sick and couldn't return to Raicon. Double regret, because I wanted to visit Marshmallow Maid Cafe and yet again I was not able to, again because I got sick. It will happen someday, it WILL. 

Raicon (well, the part I attended), was fun, altho it's not like it is anything new. It's same old, but good old. With bunch of amazing people and positive vibes. So if anyone is interested in manga, anime, fashion, japanese pop culture in general, Raicon may be a good idea to spend the day at and enjoy company of others, like you. 

niedziela, 19 maja 2019

Back from dead

Good morning, lovly souls, after rather long hiatus (I wasn't planning that at all!), I decided to come back to writing notes for my blog. I am still gonna focus mainly on lolita fashion, but you will also see entries about kawaii culture in general, travels, art, conventions and maybe even dolls.

So, what was happening, where dis I disappear? Long story short- I fell for someone (Meshya found soulmate, cannot be. A crazy person) I moved back to Glasgow, I found good job here, related to my art studies and in general I am sorta the same, little (tho older) monster, that I was before. Or not? What do You think? Stay with me, to find out. New entry very soon!

niedziela, 30 kwietnia 2017

Edinburgh Comic-con

Curious about Edinburgh Comic-con? If your answer is yes, then continue reading!
Those who are watching my Youtube Channel, could already see a short footage from event. Today's the time for a note and few pictures.

I found out about this convention from the posters, that were all around the city centre. So one day, after returning home from shopping, I checked event's webpage and found programme quite entertaining. I purchased ticket for Saturday (price was something around £11).

on 15th of April, which was convention day, I woke up early, dressed onto one of my most recently bought dresses from Innocent World and with camera on my shoulder, I made my way to Usher Hall.I met first comic fans in the bus and sooooo much more under the con-place. 

The line was so long. And I had to go to the very bottom of it. Despite being slightly terrified, I did try to stay positive. When I crossed the door and received my entry wristband, I saw a really nice interior, prepared perfectly for events like that, filled with people of all ages. 

At least half of them were either cosplaying or just dressed in a way, that captured eye instantly. My favourites were Alien (picture from above), Mabel and Stan 

and obviously- Doctor Strange cosplayer. 
The last guy just fit the role so well! Ofcourse there were so many more, who also did amazig job on their outfits.

I checked the artist's (professional and amateur) stalls

 and as always found cool stuff.
BTW- Sloth comics with dedication to my friend; Kaha :)

Later I went for panel 'Hero talk" and had a good portion of laugh on the interview of Babylon 5's star; Claudia Christian. 

I also did check all pictures setups. Star Wars ones were awesome, 
but I think the one from E.T. made me 'squeal' the most. Altho it was surrounded by people all the time so I just got pics with Tardis (Doctor Who) and the Iron Man Hulkbuster (Avengers) instead.  

Scottish conventions are also the only ones that host a wrestling fights (correct me if I am wrong). I did go to see what's up on the ring. It was the first time I saw women fighting and I have to admit I am torn between being amazed and kinda confused. I know it's all show and nothing is real there but I just cannot get over it, because seeing two petit girls tearing hair from each other head is far from what I call 'fun'. That said, you can guess I left this attraction on it's own quite quickly. It's just not for me. And I am not judging anyone who enjoys it. What I want to say, is that it's not for me.

As You can see, I've been running around, trying to catch a bit of everything, to include it in this note. And you all probably know, how fast time can fly when you are busy. Day came to an end very fast and it was time to go home. Tired, but happy, I packed my camera onto case and rushed for bus.

Edinburgh Comic-con was really nicely prepared event, that made me enjoy the day so much. Highly reccomended for all people interested in that aspect of pop culture. I will also consider going for next edition.
Besides that, I got very positive comments about my lolita outfit, which was surprise, because I haven't seen any other lolita on convention.

środa, 26 kwietnia 2017

Mallaig, Armadale and Silver Sands (Highlands)

Isle of Skye was one of those places, which I wanted to visit, since I started living  in Scotland in 2012. Every year I was planning trip, every year it was a fiasco. I had eiter no holiday, that I could use, nor money. Or both of these esential factors, to make it work out. This year my situation was different. Even tho my budget was rather small and I had just 3 days of holiday to use, I managed to make it happen. I have found great deal for train tickets, acceptable hostel for equally acceptable price and decided to go for it.

My small adventure started on 11th of April. I had to take bus to Glasgow first, as there is no direct connection of Edinburgh and Mallaig, which was my destination. When I arrived at Queen street station, I noticed a small crowd was already waiting for same train as me, tho mostly their objective was Fort William.  

Trip lasted 5 hours and was amazing, because of views. Highlands are simply breathtakingly beautiful, no matter the weather (and as we all know, Scotland's weather is changing every 5 minutes and brings many variations od sun and rain combined).

I arrived at Mallaig before 2PM. My accomodation- The Missxion Bunkhose, was literally 1 minute from station, which was very convinient, as the sky decided to open in half and just drop hectolitres of water on ground. When I checked in and sorted out my stuff at room (small and rather humble, but clean), I looked thru window and decided to take a short walk.
Mallaig is small. And when I write small, I mean tiny. You can walk from one side of city to another within 15-20 minutes. It's population is 800 people, who live either from fishing or tourism. There are few cafeterias/ bars. Some shops, also with souvenirs, and a harbour, which allows people to get to Skye.

Train Station in Mallaig

And the street view
I looked around slowly, took some pictures and got a crossaint from local bakery (pic bellow), which was enough to fill me in. 
Evening came very quick and, as I was tired, I went to sleep early.
Next day I woke up full of energy. Dressed up comfortably (no frils included, haha), grabbed cup of latte and went to port, to board 9AM Caledonian McBrayne ferry to Armadale. 

See that part where cars are gathered? This is already a ferry.
 Place for foot passengers.
At service desk I was told, that my return boat 'may be cancelled' if weather changes. I still took a risk and after nearly 1 hour long sail, I arrived at my destination.

Beautiful vievs of sea.

I have explored clan McDonald properties


 and garden.
 Aaaaand just basically walked around, relaxed and enjoyed the day.

I got home safely, as ferries were running without problem. Happy with what I saw (there is dispute among people on internet, if it's worth visiting Armadale or not, haha) and prepared for more.

Following day started with big breakfast. It was supposed to be very exciting and exhausting trip to Knoydart and Tarbet. Unfortunatelly, against the forecast, weather changed awfully. Ferries and other boats were grounded and I was forced to stay in Mallaig. Or did I? I took a walk to Morar and wanted to see Silver Sands, which are highly recomended by Trip Advisor. Two hours and it happend

but next time I am gonna take a walk like this, I have to remember to also take warmer clothing and more comfortable shoes. Yup, for sure. 

My trip was basically over. Next morning I took early train, back to Glasgow, got matcha latte from Starbucks there (don't judge- it's my addiction, hahaha) and soon went back to Edinburgh.

Maybe not everything went acording to plan, but I really enjoyed those few days off. I would like to go there someday again, maybe at middle of summer and maybe for longer, but we will  see what future brings.