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Wardrobe post 2016

Begining of the year means wardrobe post! I reaaaaaaaly wanted to make one year ago, but I had most of my dresses in Poland while still living in Scotland, so couldn't. This year I swore to myself, that I will do it. But then again I did not realize it will be so much work. Whoops! Still, I managed to take pictures of most (not every) pieces of my humble lolita collection and show it to you. I also realized I have more dresses than I thought and some need repair or modification, so I can wear them again (new zipper, sewing on new lace etc).
Another thing- while taking these pics, my camera's lamp got broken. I have already sent it to repair but it may take time until I will be able to take additional pics of my items or anything else D: Anyway, back to the topic. Wardrobe!

What does my wardrobe say about me?
That I am chaotic? Maybe.
That I hate green? deffinitely XD
That I am rather classic lolita than anything else? I think so.
That I prefer dresses over the skirts. Yes.
That I don't care about any specific brand? Well, I don't, tho I like Metamorphose qite a lot.
What do You think? Take a look and tell me :D

Main pieces
From left:
  • Bodyline L495 (bought incomplete on ebay. I kinda like this dress for it's simplicity)
  • Infanta Tangled (bought at SaiSai on Camden Town, just before MCM Expo for my last money XD Good thing that next day I had my week pay!) 
  • Magic Tea Party Angel Fish (bought in impulse. I like this print but after this purchase I decided not to buy any more baby doll dresses cuz I do not feel comfortable in them) 
  • Magic Tea Party Anchor of the Sea (absolutely 10/10 purchase)
  • Metamorphose lucky pack jsk (...I forgot it's name, hahaha~ bought on Revelry from their designer who was very sweet person *_* Currently my favourite jsk <3)

From left:
  • Handmade by unknown person (I bought this dress on UK sales for some silly money and I love it- so comfortable!)
  • Bodyline flower dress, no longer available on page
  • Lady Sloth Lace series, lavender short version with seperate underskirt in same color (one of my most recent purchases *_*)
  • Baby the Stars Shine Bright Karami Triple Tiered in black. Bought it from one of my friends 'cuz 'I needed a black dress' :)
  • Baby the Stars Shine Bright black OP (found in Closet Child Shinjuku)  
From left: 
  • Infanta chiffon underdress/ OP
  • Oojia AP replica (bought on Ebay)
  • Alice and Nanami (Taobao brand) star OP 
  • Alice and the Pirates Briar Rabbit JSK 
  • Soufle Song Mucha JSK (LE rice color)

  • Cameo Windows JSK in brown
  • Metamorphose Pop Swing JSK in red
  •  Bodyline tartan OP L066
  • Bodyline Alice in Wonderland L483 in red 
  • Fanplusfriends oldschool BW JSK

  • Bodyline striped with underbust
  • Lady Sloth Clock series


  • Pink Bodyline
  • Red from...Tesco (it's very basic but it can handle even biggest puff *_*)
  • Black, asymetric from Camden Town (London)

  • Alice in Wonderland brown bag from Restyle
  • Rabbit bag (bought on MCM expo on impulse...still haven't used it in any coord ;_; ) 
  • clock bag (from ebay)
  • Violin bag (Restyle) 
  • Black Heart backpack (!) with Ribbon Holic keychain attached to it (bought on Takeshita dori while exploring Harajuku *_* so many great memories, ah) 
  • Q-pot tote bag from Closet Child Yokohama
  • Cat bag (from ebay)
  • Golden Star bag (from ebay) 
  • Also (not pictured) Bodyline black heart bag, Strawbery Primark bag & gew ebay random bags that match lolita :) 


  • Shuh shiny black platforms. 
  • Bodyline brown platforms (255)
  • Bodyline red flats (no longer available but similiar with 509)
  • Bodyline shiny black (261)
  • White offbrand pumps with shirring (!) at the back (bought at TKMaxx)
  • Bodyline Red platform boots (no longer available) 
  • Tea Parties from Dreamy Bows (most recent purchase) 
  • Bodyline off white shoes (259)
  • Antaina Golden tea parties
And many, many more 'normal' shoes. 

Since I hate waist ties (to the core...IMO they look ugly) I use wide belts to flatter my figure. Most are from ebay. I am very fond of the ribbon ones.  

I have also TONS of different hairpins, pendants, bracelets, rings etc~~these are only few.

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  1. Płaszcz z tesco rządzi! Wspaniała szafa! Oby lampa szybko powróciła do świata żywych :)

  2. Zacne zbiory :) Szkoda, że nie udało się zrobić zdjęć samych koszul. Można wiedzieć pod jakimi hasłami szukałaś na ebayu pasków z tymi pięknymi ornamentowymi klamrami?

    1. Niestety nie pamiętam dokladnie ;_; zazwyczaj szukam 'wide elastic elegant bełt'..?