piątek, 10 lipca 2015

Cat Cafe Cracow- Kocia Kawiarnia Kociarnia

Have you heard that first Polish Cat Cafe Kociarnia was just recently opened? Also in my hometown; Kraków! Me and my older sister+ her two daughters went there to check it out. We made a reservation for four thru website but I heard you can get inside even without it. Entrance, which was huge surprise, is FREE. Ofcourse, like in any other coffie shop, visitors have to order something to stay in. Coffies and cakes are pretty good, service is nice (cheers to staff, especially to a girl who is info photography! Always nice to get to know people whith passion!).
I kind of knew what I can expect from that place, since I have been at Cat Cafe before (Maison de Moggy in Edinburgh) and wanted to compare these two places. MdM was so much smaller but a little bit brighter. Edinburgh's cafe made big impression on me but Kociarnia is no worse. I am so gonna be their regular XD hahaha!

Main room for visitors
 Handmade cat decorations

And cats!

This big kitten is called Amelia (my younger niece). 
When cats saw her they were TOTALLY enchanted with her. 
Words just cannotdescribe! 

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  1. Squee so cute :D
    A cat cafe is opening soon in my hometown too!