wtorek, 28 lipca 2015

Tea Party Krakow

Being a part of proper tea party that takes place in my own country or even better- city- was always on my list of things 'to do'. Only problem was that local comm (a least it's active part) is quite small and it is sometimes hard to even meet in larger number. Not to mention sitting somewhere, sipping tea, eating cakes and gossip for a day. Still, me and my colleague; Menoa, decided to give it a shot. We have reserved a room at Słodki Wentzl, prepared some sweet surprise and invited people from Lace Kingdom Forum. Quite a few people were very enthusiastic about being a tea party, others not so much (mostly because of distance). At the end 15 people arrived at our small event. Not too many, but for our community it is BIG SUCCESS. Day was beautiful (tho 35celcius degrees were a bit disturbing XD), girls were amazing and we had lotsa fun talking, joking and taking pictures together.

Here are some of mine:

Our room at Slodki Wentzl


Gothic Lolitas

Another lvl of making selfie XP

Group Photo at Slodki Wentzl




Taking a short walk from S.Wentzl to Colegium Maius

At Collegium Maius

Eriko and Olga

Menoa as Jellyfish Princess.

My coord. Unfortunately my petti kinda died :/

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