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My coffee time by Lady Sloth

Lady Sloth is one of my fav lolita brands. I could write hundreds of words on how I love it and why but let's just say that their designs, quality and prices are superb!
Today I am making mini review of one of their newest creations- My coffee time JSK in color mint and made of chiffon. There is also cotton version of this available.

This specific dress was produced in colaboration with Antygea. It's also worth mentioning, that is the same artist, that's behing Miranda series (more gothic option from LS) and doll series, that's gonna be released sometime soon. 

So anyway, I have made my order for this lovely piece on 25th of May. On 27th of June I got information, that dress is ready for shipping. Got it about two weeks later, cuz I requested it to be sent to my parents addy, in Poland, who were preparing package for me. That way I saved some monies on shipping. But it's also the reason why I cannot show you original packaging.
So, how does it look in real life? What is my impression? Well....IT'S AMAZING! And yes, this part requires "caps lock" button, hahaha. When I saw it, I was overhelmed with beautiful shade of mint. So vivid, so pretty. Details of print took breath away. Here is my favourite part, a mouse playing with sugar cubes.

 Brand name, located on dress, is very  subtle. I may not be a fan of font chosen to mark colaboration with Antygea, but I asume she's using it everywhere and it's like her trademark.
 Lace is also very cute. Small ribbons, as pictured.
Bows are decorated with coffee beans. I haven't seen anything like this before, but love the idea.

Invisible zipper is on right side. I kind of prefer the ones that are slightly bigger (like the ones that AP is using) but that's just  my taste.
Because printed chiffon is very delicate and thin, dress has a second layer in while colour. It works okay, if you wear light underwear. If you will wear, let's say black bloomers and might be visible.
There is shirring on the back of dress, you can easly adjust your dress to your figure. 

And this is how my JSK looks like with small 'puff' (read: one, short petticoat)
Sorry about missing bows! I took them off when I got he dress and put on the shelf, then forgot about them completly. But catch seperate pic:
Same goes for waist ties. They were obviously part of the set and just as described on product page. I've also received very cute hairclip marching the dress

and additionaly a beret. Isin't it extra cute? 
I tried to find some flaws, to not write only good things. to not be all 'oh' and 'ah' with love, but...besides only three (literally!) threads, sticking from the second layer of JSK, I could find, guess what, nothing. Overall, my item was just as I imagined it to be, if not better. Lady Sloth never dissapoints me, so it's well invested monies. I honestly love 'My Coffee Time series and am extremly happy with my purchase. Also gonna make a proper coord very soon, so stay tuned. If You have any questions, feel free to write them in comments section. 

Stay lovely and until next note! 

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  1. It is really breathtaking! I can't wait for my skirt to come and to see your proper coord!

  2. Oh my gosh that JSK is so beautiful! I love the mint green colour. Quite a lot of Lolitas's that I've seen around here wear muted shades so it's nice to see something so vibrant~

    Lizzie Bee //