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Edinburgh Comic-con

Curious about Edinburgh Comic-con? If your answer is yes, then continue reading!
Those who are watching my Youtube Channel, could already see a short footage from event. Today's the time for a note and few pictures.

I found out about this convention from the posters, that were all around the city centre. So one day, after returning home from shopping, I checked event's webpage and found programme quite entertaining. I purchased ticket for Saturday (price was something around £11).

on 15th of April, which was convention day, I woke up early, dressed onto one of my most recently bought dresses from Innocent World and with camera on my shoulder, I made my way to Usher Hall.I met first comic fans in the bus and sooooo much more under the con-place. 

The line was so long. And I had to go to the very bottom of it. Despite being slightly terrified, I did try to stay positive. When I crossed the door and received my entry wristband, I saw a really nice interior, prepared perfectly for events like that, filled with people of all ages. 

At least half of them were either cosplaying or just dressed in a way, that captured eye instantly. My favourites were Alien (picture from above), Mabel and Stan 

and obviously- Doctor Strange cosplayer. 
The last guy just fit the role so well! Ofcourse there were so many more, who also did amazig job on their outfits.

I checked the artist's (professional and amateur) stalls

 and as always found cool stuff.
BTW- Sloth comics with dedication to my friend; Kaha :)

Later I went for panel 'Hero talk" and had a good portion of laugh on the interview of Babylon 5's star; Claudia Christian. 

I also did check all pictures setups. Star Wars ones were awesome, 
but I think the one from E.T. made me 'squeal' the most. Altho it was surrounded by people all the time so I just got pics with Tardis (Doctor Who) and the Iron Man Hulkbuster (Avengers) instead.  

Scottish conventions are also the only ones that host a wrestling fights (correct me if I am wrong). I did go to see what's up on the ring. It was the first time I saw women fighting and I have to admit I am torn between being amazed and kinda confused. I know it's all show and nothing is real there but I just cannot get over it, because seeing two petit girls tearing hair from each other head is far from what I call 'fun'. That said, you can guess I left this attraction on it's own quite quickly. It's just not for me. And I am not judging anyone who enjoys it. What I want to say, is that it's not for me.

As You can see, I've been running around, trying to catch a bit of everything, to include it in this note. And you all probably know, how fast time can fly when you are busy. Day came to an end very fast and it was time to go home. Tired, but happy, I packed my camera onto case and rushed for bus.

Edinburgh Comic-con was really nicely prepared event, that made me enjoy the day so much. Highly reccomended for all people interested in that aspect of pop culture. I will also consider going for next edition.
Besides that, I got very positive comments about my lolita outfit, which was surprise, because I haven't seen any other lolita on convention.

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