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Japan Expo 2013

I'm sorry for absence guys and girls. Life's a bitch sometimes and dosn't give ye much free time. I work my ass off at big clothing company; Tresspass. Right now. I spent 16 hours outside my room every day, thus it's hard to be active here and there :) Anyway, here is promised (and so very late) note 'bout Japan Expo. This is how I saw it + some pictures to make this post all colorful :D 


One of my flatmates went to France in the middle of July for Depeche Mode concert. After he came back, he told me: Agata, I've been in Paris two times. First and last time. I was laughing. But after this edition of Japan Expo I thought to myself- never again. But let me start from the begining.

I was planning this trip for last half year. I was excited, since I was about to have a stand with my Irugami coleagues and I was to meet big group of friends from Poland. Everything looked perfect. I had tickets for bus, hotel booked by Miohi, not far from Expo halls etc. Reality jumped on me like a hungry tiger, tearing my dreams about pleasant week off work. Before I have acctually started my trip, my suitcase broke. Bad omen. I borrowed another from friend and packed all my stuff. I arrived at Buchanan bus station, got onto coach to London and spent following 8 hours sleeping. I was cool then. After I arrived at Victoria I had to change for but to Paris, so I quickly checked-in at Megabus desk and run for another coach. Found my place and...nightmare began. First- I was sitting beside group of loud girls babbling about shit. Second- water was flowing from roof of bus. Later I heard that there was some problem with cooling instalation. Megabus, seriously, the fuck were U thinking allowing an international coach leave the station in such state? Ugh, even tho it was only another 8 hours of trip to Paris, it was very tireing. Altho the worst was yet about to begin. When I arrived at Port Mallot, I jumped to subway and later local train. I arrived at Parc d'Exposition station quickly and without problems. I've meet a person who who was responsibble for booking my hotel and....boom. She didn't knew where it is. We started to look for it. In meantime my suitcase broke up. YES, THE BORROWED ONE! I had to carry almost 20 kilos in my hands. When me and my 'companion' eventually found the way to hotel, it was thru the field. Y'know, field with wheat. Fuckin' FAR from Expo buildings, in neighbouring village- Gonesse. I was tying to not explode with anger. I managed to keep all shit to myself. But it was close. really close. Let's say that rest of day passed on gathering strengh for next day- first day of expo.
Thursday started nicely. Great weather, sun shining, me and my friends on annual biggest pop culture festival in europe. It was awesome at the beggining, we have decorated our stand, meet nice people, a ot of friends, sold some stuff, got few comissions. In other words- sweet. Until end of the day, when I realized my head hurts like hell and throat is sore. Welcome flu. I was sick. sick for the rest of my trip and two more days. My mood started to change for worse, some things didn't go as planned. And I know there's a lot of my own fault in that. Japan Expo wasn't that atractive as I thought it will be. Ofcourse I enjoyed seeing awesome cosplayers, talking with various people, other artists, seeing exhibitions, shows, taking TONS of pictures (some of them bellow :D) etc. But I kinda feel that it's not the same thing it was before. on Sunday, after fourth day of festival, I felt so totally out of it that words cannot describe it. I am starting to be bit too old for all of this. My health isn't that good anymore thus I think that this was the last JE that I visited. Not that it's bad, no. It's just to many people in one place, to much noise, shouting, chaos. It may be positive for youngsters but bit to much for bit older people. Ofcourse main reason may be because it lasts for 4 days and not two like most of festivals like this :) It's more like a survival camp for some (for me for example, haha).
On monday I said bye to my friends and took off to UK. Another 19 hours in busses. This time I experienced being caged inside a bus which was inside tiny train goin' thru Eurotunnel (bus was supposed to take ferry to Dover port but somehow me and my fellow passengers ended taking different route, lol. I swore to myself that ext time fuck it, I am taking a plane, even if the cost will be two times bigger...) and really detailed border customs revision (I've never seen such a control before...and belive me, I am traveling quite a lot). I arrived at Glasgow aroud 9 AM,  went stright home and slep ttill evening. Whew. And that's all :) So many mixed feelings, just as ye can see.

Okay, now that you're bored to death with reading what's above, let's get to fun part- PICTURES ::D
(unfortunatelly I've been struggling with pictures upload for 2 days in row...fuck you blogspot :/ so here is the >>>>>LINK<<<< )

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  1. Brzmi masakrycznie. Chociaż ja widziałam rzeczy, które by mnie tam zainteresowały, ale dopiero u znajomych z zagranicy w relacjach. W sumie jeśli miałabym tam kiedykolwiek wbijać pewnie zależałoby to od koncertów i gości XD