niedziela, 6 października 2013

Blythecon UK

Yesterday I attended an event called Blythecon :) It was small fest/ meeting of Blythe dolls collectors which took place in medium sized hall in Glasgow Lighthouse (museum and conference centre). It was full of awesome people (I've meet Basia there, cheers!), shops where You could buy everything for your dollies and even get Blythes itself. There were workshops, contests and lottery with amazing prizes. I bought few tickets for lottery myself and...WON BLYTHE! (be afraid, I will spam with my new girl soon :P). Anyway, some pics from Blythecon:

2 komentarze:

  1. Zazdroszczę ! Tyle Blajtek w jednym miejscu *____* No i fajnie zobaczyć Odi :)))))

    Pozdrawiam !

  2. aż miło popatrzeć na tyle pięknych lal :-)