środa, 12 marca 2014


I've gone BLOND :P
No..not really XD;;; That's super cheap and really low quality wig I got half year ago for Halloween :)
BTW-  need to loose some weigh..again :/

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  1. Hello Mesia, just discovered your blog :-). That must have took some adjustment, moving to Scotland! I'm looking forward to follow your adventures and doll collection. I also LOVE your purse on the picture :-). Greetings from Belgium!

  2. Hi there, Nymphaea! First of all thanks for visiting my blog, sweetheart :D
    Haha, moving to Scotland was hard decission, but not really that bad at all :) I enjoy the place as much as I can while I'm here.
    I hope to bring You and other people who follow my blog some interesting things :D Hopefffy soon also doll related since I am planning a new buy. But shhh! Nothing sure yet :)
    Anyway, enjoy Your stay and if U have any questions- do not hesistate to ask.