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Paisley and news news news

 Hi lassies! Greetings from my dollie friends here because they need some attention too!

Okay, so at last I have a moment (and it is literally a moment) to write something that won't be as short as 'yeah, I am okay, bye' :)
Thru those last weeks a lot of things changed. As mentioned at previos log, I moved to other flat, which is shared with friend. Right now I am living at Paisley, which is small city sticked to Glasgow, but apparently connection with both Glasgow center and my workplace is much better than earlier. I takes me 20 minutes to get to job which is essential thing to me right now, when I work at night shift (because when I get off work, I want to go to bed instantly, hahaha :D) I won't show you flat itself, but have some pics from Paisley.

 BTW- got some sweet stuff from Bodyline. 2 dresses and one skirt. This is just teaser. I'll prolly sell one of the dresses and modify another one to be more casual (detail- will get rid of annoying lace from the straps so it can nicely fit under cardigan or blouse). I also bought two classic lolita (black and white) dresses but they were forewarded to my Polish adress. Will get them at June, when I'll be visiting my parents and friends.
Love the style so much more now. It's fun to wear something unusual.
I have also found my dream dresses on Taobao site (chinesse ebay for those who don't know site) and well, I am damned. But I don't really have monies now, so they have to wait...or I have to wait. Nvm :P

Artsy topic now- got to work with my new notebooks series. And as much as I love theme (Polish culture and tradition, pattern and designs) it goes...slowly :/ Because I have no free time. When I do- I sleep or simply rest my but and try to be as lazy as possible, lol.
 Anyway, some preview with unfinished product.

Okay, I think that's all I wanted to say/ write/ share.
Lotsa love, until next note :)

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  1. slicznie te notatniczki sie prezentuja *.* i zdjecia tez ladnie wyszly, musze przynac ze ostatnio mamy troche pogody (i tyle anglielskiego lata, do marca sie skonczy i znowu bedzie deszczowo i gloomy :P)

    1. Dziękuję serdecznie za miłe słowa!
      Oj, mam nadzieję, ze pogoda jednak zostanie z nami ;_; Jak jej brak, to smutek ogarnia i marazm pełny gotowy.

  2. w paisley mieszka pan morffat ,wez autograf etc,a poznij mozesz zbesztac :P