niedziela, 6 lipca 2014

July? O________O

What the heck happened with June? Just 'yesterday' I was all excited about my 2-week holidyay in Poland and today I am sitting back in Paisley, tired after all week of work and realizing that I somehow lost June D: Life, why U so bad for meh? XD;;;
Okay, okay, seriously- I have lost count of time thus update of blog after a month.

Quite a lot happened recently. As I mentioned, I spent some quality time in Poland. I cherished every moment with my family and friends. We've made small, but precious memories together, that will help me to endure another year in Scotland.
Also had fun with local lolitas and got into wearing pretty dresses even more, hahhaha :D This is totally my new addiction! And I fear it's geting into the place where dollies were just not long time ago. Thing is- I do remember having a plan of making photo session with my bigger dollies...but...I failed. Recently I do not feel like playing with them. Even after not seeing Lucille and Emil for half hear, I did not miss them too much and just gave up on making pics after 15 minutes of failing to pose them properly :( A crisis? You think my love for Dollfies will come back? Thwy are extraordinary!

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  1. Moje 2 dolfy od kilku lat juz w sumie siedza w pudelku i jakos nic mnie nie prowokuje do ich wyciagniecia x'''D