sobota, 23 sierpnia 2014

Say good bye to Odette + SILK PAINTING

I decided to find new, good home for Odette. Don't get me wrong- I still love that doll and she's precious to me. That is why I can't look at her collecting dust. And that started to happen, because I simply have no time and have other interests that took place of the passion for dolls. Odi is a special one, she's been with me for few years and gained a character of her own. That is why she will be leaving to new home next Tuesday, because she needs more than I can give her. Long live my sweet lady, it's been a pleasure. Now, if anyone is interested in Odi and wants to follow her, maybe not as Odi, most likely in totally different stylization (pink shall be!), go to Basia since she'll be her new 'mom' :)

Now time to show you people some amazing artist; Luiza Malinowska and her beutiful works *_* That girl does miracles *_* Look: 

What's more- she's selling them on etsy shop HERE-MinkuLul Go give her love <3 

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