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Revelry at London- IMG HEAVY [19.09.2014]

[ENG] Hi guys, I bet you did not expect another note so soon. So do I. It just kinda 'happened' :)

This time I will write about event I had luck to attend to- Revlery. It was a very big lolita fashion meeting, being part of 7th aniversary of London/UK Tea Party Club.
I've never been on anything alike so I was not sure what to expect. Bit afraid and very excited I prepared myself as best as I could (choosing coord took me quite a while- at the end I decided on my favourite dress from AatP- Rabbit Paysage and some red accesories- picture bellow), took camera (even two) and went to Gray's Inn. Now, I need to write few words about this location- it was simply great. Such amazing architecture, so much history and unique atmosphere. There couldn't be a better place for lolita meeting on this scale. I hope that my pictures will show at least partially how great it was :)
Since I got early entry ticket, I could enter the event hour bit earlier (tho there was small delay). I took a short look around the vendors halls. There was huge amount of accesories of all kind, many beautiful pieces of clothing. Also official stall of Gothic & Lolita Bible (lucky ones could buy most recent number, one could also spot Ai Akizuki there), Grimore (their new dress is divine), Syrup and ofcourse a Metamorphose (with super sweet designer of theirs).
After the official welcome from Kyra and Michaela, I took part in a quiz and treasure hunt wich was really funny. Great thing for knowing some new people. Later there was a fashion show and I belive some pieces from it were shown for the first time ever (I loved a carnival print from Meta designer. It was sweet but not too sweet for me. Loved the details).
Following- Ai Akizuki introduced her story of becoming lolita (some of the parents against that fashion should really listen to this!) and I learned that she's a really cute person, very open minded and...loves old anime (had chance to speak with her and when she noticed a Sailor Moon necklace she said she likes the series too).
Time was flying so fast, I wish that day could last longer. None the less, ending of event was near. It was time for lottery. I won a small set of earings + clips (kinda no idea what I will wear them for but they are pretty). And there was official end of Revlery. We took a group photo + made a big thanks to everyone. Said good byes and went home.
Personally- I'd like to greet and thank to super nice people I had the chance to meet: Kyra and Michaela for making all of this possible, a group of Spanish girls who took purikura pictures with me, girls who were in group with me while treasure hunt took place, Ai Akizuki, designers, GLP editor...Just all of You! Thank You for being there.
For the side note. On Sunday there was an afternoon Tea Party which I could not attend. Hopefully next year.

Borred with long note? Then here are are pictures! (divided them into 3 notes because there's so many!).

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