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[ENG] Colors in news

[ENG] Since WINTER IS COMING *cough* and days are both short and mostly grey (and just...ugh...depressing) I decided to simply put some colors into my life. Literally. How, You may ask? Simple- clothing. Bright wardrobe that makes me smile every time I search for something in my closet. Bought few new dresses which I am totally in love with! Even one in pink (!) tho it's just cheap Bodyline. Pictures of these- soon. Cuz...I do not want to show You flat dress pictured on wall. Instead I can promise you few cool photos within about 2-3 weeks. I will have two sessions. First for Lolita Tea Party Callendar. Theme demons and angels. Easy to guess that I have chosen dark side of the power, hahahaha :D Second session will be held week later, I will model for Green Team Asembly. They're group of extraordinary tallents and it will be a honour to become part of their world, even if just for a moment. 

Now, to not let this post be boring and only filled with text, have one of my pictures in one of my favourite dresses. Hope ye like it :) (yeah, not really THAT bright but still pretty print by Metamorphose *_*)

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