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[IMG HEAVY] Edinburgh Karaoke Meet

"Lolitas at Karaoke? After that a tea/cake at nearby coffie shop? Can it get any better?" That was first thing I thought when I saw that Scot Lolitas are arranging meeting like this. I was so hyped about it that I just couldn't wait for the day. Here are some of my pictures from event that I managed to make while still having lots of fun with as many as 15+ people! Including super cute sweet lolitas and even a brolita! Can You guess who it was? XD

meeting point. Couldn't miss the spot XD;


Moving to Karaoke
Choosing drinks first!
 ...now time for songs.

 The second room.

 My simple, marine coord
 Sweet Keara <3 She always looks so pretty *_* 

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