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La vie en Rose part 1 [IMG HEAVY]

Hi folks!
Today I will write about La vie et Rose- big Harajuku fashion enthusiasts convention that was held in Paris, week from now. Organized by SFE & French Cafe community with collaboration of famous lolita brand; Baby the Stars Shine Bright, it has gathered almost 400 people who are so different yet share the same interests. Event took place in 5 stars L'Hotel Du Collectionneur. Very exclusive and expensive place in city centre. There were few types of tickes you could get- Valentine (for pair), early (allowing one to enter venue at 10:00) and general (entrance at 11:00). After passing thru accreditation process, I went to explore two halls packed with beautiful looking people (both ladies and gents), shops and attractions. After making few pictures, I took a peek at bigger brands stalls- BtSSB, Tripple Fortune, Grimoire and Syrup. They had so many amazing items (which is double painful 'cuz my budget on this trip was very low, hahaha XD). Next I went to see smaller brands and artists tables. I have to say that people creativity has no end. Ofcourse in positive way. Everyone could find something nice for themselves. Choice of accesories was simply overhelming and it was hard to buy just one item. On 11:15 SFE made a small welcome speech for all of the guests in few languages and since that moment time started to flow really fast. I felt like there was only a few minute breaks between official questions and answers with brands designers (11:15-11:45), fashion shows (12:30-13:00 and 15:00-15:30), Babi's talk about various things (14:00-14:30) and lottery (16:00-17:00). I enjoyed each and every of this attractions so much! Seeing such a big amount of designs, frillies, laces, colours made me feel delighted. Seeing brands newest collections was a joy (and I have found new dream dress, hahaha!). Now, everything that is good has to have it's ending. Even if I was tired and hungry (because ofcourse I forgot to eat anything for a whole day), it was hard to go back to hotel. Because I had lots of fun on event. I have no idea if I'll arrive on the next SFE gathering- all depends on time and monies. Rumours say that next time it will be held in Germany, but who really knows :) 
On that I finish my LveR report. Proceed to pictures! 


Girls that I have met in front of hotel.

Impressive reception hall...
...and stairs to (frilly) heaven.

Drinks for guests (they were gone before I could grab one!)

Amazing people!


BtSSB shop.


Welcoming speech.


Chillout zone

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