sobota, 28 marca 2015

New purchases (bye bye savings) + Cinderella

I say to myself- "Agata, this needs to stop! You are not taking overtimes at your shitty workplace for new dresses (am I? O_O)". Ofcourse it never works. So I buy if I have any monies.
I got two lovely dresses.
First one is Angel Fish by Magic Tea Party. It was bought from Glitzy Wonderland. I like buying from them, they are reliable shopping service. Even when they made a mistake with my order (mentioned in some of my previous notes) they've done everything to fix it. Anyway, prepare for another blue coord with that as main piece:

I am surpprised with myself because I never really liked blue color that much. Yet I feel very comfortable in it. Not the light blue, not pastel type but dark navy and dark blue, Ultramarine- these are colors that I enjoy to wear a lot. with gold and pearl accesories they are simply unresistible.

Now the second dress- it's from older but still very pretty series by Baby the Stars Shine Bright. Bought thru Closet Child. I love mix of brown and pink, like a chocolate cake with strawberry cream. I feel I will wear it quite often. Maybe with my Alice in Wonderland bag and chocolate Bodyline shoes? We will see.

By the way- watched Cinderella movie today.Movie was nice but nothing extraordinary. Just fairytale for children. BUT! These costumes, these dresses *_* WOW! I was mesmerized with all these great designs, amount of details, choice of materials. A feast for eyes! All by amazing Sandy Powell.

Picture from Cinderella costume Exhibition (it will be held on Leicester Square in London soon! If anyone is visiting this city and have spare time- go check it out!) with Sandy Powell between her creations.. 

Cinderella's step mother (Kate Blanchet) and step sisters.  

I hope to post next note soon. Next week I am going to Dee-con (Dundee convention) and also soon after I am attending mini Easter Meetup in Glasgow. And You know I always take lotsa pictures so...yeah. Expect spam.

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  1. sliczne te sukienki, szczegolnie ta druga *_* oj czemu ja musze cierpiec na brak kasy ;(

  2. Ta pierwsza to takie moje kolory TWT Chyba dobrze, że nie wpakowałam się w kupowanie ciuchów, za to kupuję mangi za chore pieniądze całymi seriami "a bo ktoś tanio sprzedaje", a potem wychodzą mi chore sumy, które wydałam na mangi. Oby w przyszłym roku też jakaś praca była, bo przez to nie za dobrze idzie mi z oszczędzaniem na "w razie bezrobocia"