środa, 13 maja 2015

Free at last & Loch Lomond

Last few weeks were like roller-coaster. Among many great moments that proved me that there are really great people around me, I felt bad, insecure. All because of job. But that's it. Today was my last day at Trespass and I NEVER EVER want to even hear about this company again. It's time to close this 'chapter' and start another one. The beginning of it will be at Poland because week from now I am returning to my home town for about half year to recharge my batteries. Before that, I will spend my last weekend in UK, at London on MCM Expo. As usual- people attending event, will be able to meet me at Comic Village. This will be last chance this year to buy any of my art. I have prepared lots of nice items and for the first time ever- fukubukuro (lucky bags). If people will like idea, I will make some more in future :)

Aside that- Thanks to my awesome friends from Glasgow, I managed to see Loch Lomond last Saturday. They took me there with a car, which made trip so much shorter than if I were to choose any way of public transport.
Loch Lomond is such a beautiful place, oh my! Unfortunately I did not take proper camera with me, thus pictures from phone (which are surprisingly good for my Motorola O.O).

from left: Viv, Ary, Monika, me (yup, not always in lolita ;D) and Ica. 
Amazing girls!

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  1. Loch Lomond looks really beautiful! Kinda like Ireland, my home country ^_^

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