środa, 3 czerwca 2015

Magnificon Expo 2015

Hello, friends! It is so good to be at home at last! I enjoy every moment spent in my hometown now, tho past week was super busy. That is because I was 'bit' sick after MCM Expo (...my paranasal sinuses decided to remind me about their existence again!) and had to prepare myself for Magnificon EXPO- one of the biggest manga & anime conventions in Poland, taking place in Cracow. I was helping my friend; Menoa with Lolita Fashion Show (I have posted poster and info about it in some of previous notes) and prelection about Lolita. It was hella stresful and not everything went as well as it could but I am quite happy with the outcome anyway + I have met a lot of girls I knew only thru Lace Kingdom forum. They were all so pretty *_* I did not make pictures of my fellow lolitas almost at all but hopefully we will get some group photos (with derps XD) from photostudio which was present at convention. Other than that- I enjoyed festival mostly because I could meet friends who I haven't seen for years (literally). It was nice reunion and fun to talk with them. I could also see how conventions in Poland changed, how attractions got bigger and better and how we get more and more guests coming from abroad. Including singers (Mika Kobayashi), actors (cheers Osiric Chau!) and entertainers (Leon Chiro, Tine Marie Riis). Unfortunately besides all this positive impact, I also had to deal with some rude and ignorant people. Let's just asume that not everyone knows the basics of culture and we should pity this kind of human beings as they represent nothing with their behaviour.

Now, pictures from Magnificon!

Getting the ID 

Bubble Tea stand

...and some sweets <3 

Stand of the company which was promoting graphic tablet alternative to Cintiq

Mika Kobayashi on sound check

Some cosplay

Awesome Alice with fellow lolita; Tomo who made this amazing white dress herself! 

Special love goes to Putinolita <3 

Cosplay masters; Kuma, Lola, Leon, Tine, Kairi and Zel.

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  1. Ja się miło zaskoczyłam tym konwentem, ale ja w sumie byłam tylko na 1 dzień i miałam tylko 1 panel do zrobienia XD Ale fajnie było się spotkać chociaż przez chwilę :DD