wtorek, 21 lipca 2015

Animatsuri and Ryucon

Summer in Poland for manga and anime fan is like a small haven. Convention almost EVERY week. I decided to make a visit on two. Altho main reason was to meet with old buddies, not to take part in anything.
First one was Animatsuri in Warsaw. I didn't know much about convention itself, aside that it's main theme was Bakumatsu era and it's mascot looked nice (I think it was drawn by Meago, but I'm not sure). When I arrived in school where fesival took place (yup, Polish conventions usually take place in some schools), I saw one big CHAOS D: First of all- no one knew anything. Second- building was like a freakin' labyrynth. I was not amused but didn't have time to brag cuz' I had to rush for my own panel, where I was giving a prelection with Raditz about 'earning monies on manga-ish drawings'. It went smoothly and I was happy to see such interest in topic from people present on panel. After that I took a peak at festival's timetable. I saw few interesting atractions, but still, not enough to get all hyped. That is why I just focused on social. I've met some of local lolitas, took few (only few) pictures and walked like 10 times around building from boredom. Yup. Animatsuri for me was simply boring and if not nor people, I'd be super dissapointed with it. 

Pair of cute looking girls

Awesome Joker *_* This guy was simply a blast!

Dance group that gave nice show outside Animatsuri building

...and even royality! :P 

There was also this sweet mori/deer girl <3 

I mentioned I took few pictures...it's like half of them XD Rest is kinda not for show, hahaha :D 

Now onto second convention- it was Ryucon (week later) organized by new formation; Funcube. Tho saying new might be a bit off, since lots of it's members were part of B-Team- Cracow based group responsible for many succesful manga and anime related festivals. Ryucon was even in the same school where B-con was held in past. It's pretty good building, just shame that it's so far from city center. If that wasn't enough, public transport was suddenly changed and as far as I know some people had problems getting to conplace.
Ryucon itself had quite nice program...for younger fans. I couldn't find too many things for myself again. One thing I really liked was a classrom for demonstrations on for example 'how to draw' etc. Reminded me of good old art room. Besides that- socializing with friends. It was nice to see some of really old buddies from south part of Poland.

Nice lady Loki

Ryucon mascots

Lovely girls who are into japanese fashion

And that was it. Seems like I just grown up from attending to festivals like this. They bore me and make me feel off the place. They were lots of fun in past but now I am feeling just tired and dissapointed with conventions. Time to move on.

PS. Special hugs go to Dar-chan who, at the end of the day ater Ryucon, walked me to bus stop and waited with me for it to arrive <3  

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  1. W ogóle cię nie widziałam na Ryuconie :')

    1. Byłam pół soboty i raczej siedziałam na zewnątrz, gdzie było powietrze XD

  2. Chyba tez czulabym sie out of place jadac teraz na jakis konwent ;)