wtorek, 11 sierpnia 2015

Bodyline lace wristcuffs

I always wanted to have at least one pair of lace wrist cuffs. I was planning to either make them or buy them. I thought that first option will be cheaper but I couldn't really find any nice, cotton lace in reasonable price so I decided to buy 'em. There is ofcourse plenty of places where you can get them- ebay, etsy, lace market and shops but in the end I found ones that I liked on Bodyline. I have chosen models '1031' (blk-blk) and '1040' (owh). I wasn't expecting anything spectacular 'cuz, let's be honest- it's Bodyline. Yet when I got them I was and still am satisfied. For something that costs 10$ they are very nice, Ofcourse they could be softer and more fluffy but still- they will do. Here, have a look.  

Small packages

how they look on hands

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