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Ghibli museum

Ever since I knew I'll be going to Japan, I wanted to go to Ghibli Museum. One thing- I love animation, especially japanese. Two- Miyazaki's movies were big part of my childhood and teenage years. So as you can see, I just couldn't skip this attraction. Unfortunately purchasing the tickets wasn't easy (and visitors CAN NOT buy ticket directly in museum, it has to be booked in advance). I tried getting it thru internet and various agencies (in UK or Germany) but I failed (+ the cost of 'service' was monsterous! Ticket is 1000 yen which is about 10$ and this 'service' is another 60-80$. Crazy!). Then I found info, that there is possibility to buy tickets at Lawson (popular convience store across whole Japan). Yet ya had to do this by a ticket machine and that one had only japanese language option (try imagining me at a shop, trying to read kanji which I have NO IDEA about- hilarious). At last it was thanks to a newly met coleague; Tomo (THANK YOU SO MUCH!) that I was able to get tickets to Ghibli Museum. YAY!
Some technical information- Museum Ghibli is located in Mitaka, city which lies about 20 km west from center of Tokyo. It took me and my friend about an 50 minutes to get there (Chuo-Sobu line). Building of museum is little bit far from Mitaka JR Station, so you can either take a bus (line 54 which takes 3 minutes) or just walk (15-20 minutes) to get there.

Obligatory photo on the entrance
And museum itself

Totoro 'selling' tickets.

Robot from Laputa

 ..in evening it looks even more magical *_*

Unfortunately You can't do pictures inside. This is a strict rule and I decided to not break it like some tourists did. But belive me- Ghibli is great place, worth visiting. Inside You will find amazing things, machinery, get to see one of 3 special short movies in museum's small theatre and more!
Definitely one of best places I saw while being in Japan. So gonna go there again when I'll have the chance.

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  1. Tak bardzo zazdroszę! To tez miejsce które zdecydowanie chciałabym odwiedzić jeśli będę kiedyś w Japonii! Dziękuję za zdjęcia - widać, że to miejsce jest trochu magiczne :)

    1. Jest bardzo magiczne. Był taki moment, ze aż łezka się w oku zakręciła. Bardzo polecam, jeśli tylko będzie sposobność!

  2. Cudowne to muzeum! Bardzo cierpimy, że nie udało nam się dostać biletów... cóż, może jeszcze kiedyś. Totoro sprzedający bilety <3

  3. Aaaach, jakie magiczne miejsce <3

  4. wyglada magicznie! dodaje do listy miejsc do odwiedzenia jak w koncu na ten urlop do Japonii pojedziemy ;)
    totoro sprzedajacy bilety heh, nic dziwnego ze tak ciezko sie dostac do muzeum :P