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Themed restaurants in Tokyo [part 2]

First things first
To everyone from a humble little Meshya! 

Now~ Here it is, as promised- second note about themed restaurants/ coffee shops.
(Sorry it took so much time. December is always such a busy month for me + I have moved to my friend's flat, so altogether it left me with very little time for my blog. I'll try to make up for that with upcoming material.)

Uobei Shibuya Dogenzaka
(adress: 2-29-11 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo, no entrance fee)

Me and my companion; Menoa, had some problems finding this one, but we were determined to do so, since we heard legends about this place. When we finally got there, person at the entrance gave us numbers of our seats (just like in train) and the fun began. Orders are made by a touch panel above your seat, you can order 3 meals at one time. There is ofcourse huge variety of sushi but also soups, drinks and deserts (I think Menoa ordered even something like a frozen blueberry cheescake...?). Most are 108 yen (!) which IMO is ridiculously small price for such an amazing food. JUST LOOK:

(from my facebook, please tell me if you'll have any problem with it)

Do I need to say anothing more? I loved this place and will go back there if I'll go th Tokyo again

Maidreamin Maid Cafe at Akihabara 
web page: -cuz you can actually see there clips from Maid Cafe
(there are plenty of these on every corner, entrance fee: 500jpy)

This place left me with goosbumps. And strong belief that there are some things that I will never understand completly. But let me start from the begining. I went there while being in Akihabara. I did not plan on going there, since it's expensive place and I had to watch my monies. However it happened.
What's important- visitors CAN NOT take pictures in Maidreamin Maid Cafe line. That's why I cannot show you much. Yet there are always words so I will try to describe it as best as possible.

Restaurant was placed about 700 meters or so from JR station, at higher floor of a small building, just above the SEGA salon. It was quite small and dark. Windows were covered with paper, so that no person outside could see what's goin' on inside. Staff was dressed in black and white uniforms with skirt part that'd show a lot if not bloomers (fun-fact: one of girls had an Angelic Pretty bag).
Just when I entered this place, I saw last few seconds of a 'show' given by one of maids. She was dancing and singing and making 'cute' noises on tiny stage. After that I ordered a special set, including matcha parfait, souvenir (in this case an animal ears headband...) and a polaroid photo with maid.

And here where attractions should end. But didn't, cuz I think as a bonus you get to see other customers, who are not only curious tourists but pervy otakus or buisnesman who come to Maid Cafe after work to relief their stress. Crazy, loud and unpredictible people.
I cannot say I disliked everything in this place- food was good (XD). But I deffinitely won't go back there. I just don't see a point in going to a cafe shop where I feel out of place, where women are treated like objects and guys act like monkeys in da zoo. No, nope, thank you.

Maidreamin flyers I got before entering Maid Cafe

Vampire Restaurant in Shinjuku
(entrance fee: ???)

I'd like to start with BIG THANK YOU to Almost Paradise Duo- Kaha & Keczup! They took me there and kindly paid for my order, when I was totally out of cash ;____; So yeah, visit girls and show them lots of love <3

Now onto the Vampire Restaurant itself~~ It's located on 7th floor of a high building. Kinda hidden, but me and Menoa managed to find it quite quickly. When we got there, we saw (very kawaii) Kaha and (very gosu, milky kurosu XD) Keczup before the entrance, waiting to be invited. We had reservation for four. One session lasts usually two hours. We have entered the main room, where we saw coffin. Yup, real, big, black coffin + lots of vamipe-ish/ goth/halloween decorations. See?

After that, we were seated in small room and made order, while exchanging our excitment with this place and it's amazing atmosphere that was visible in every single detail (menu that looked like this:

or a drinks list (o hai Menoa ;D):

Time passed and we got bit worried about our food (drinks were served almost right away).

Two hours later (at the end of our session) we got everything. I dunno if Vampire Restaurant's kitchen bought it from freakin Poland, that it took so long but at least It was fresh and quite delecious. Sorry, took picture only of desert XD;;;

We've spent extra hour there (ofcourse we did not pay extra fee) and after making a memorial group pic, we went home in very good moods.

Few words to sum it up- themed restaurants/ coffee shops can be great fun, but visitors have to be prepared for everything. One place will be a blast, another will be great dissapointment. Just life. I hope that my reviews gave at least a small information on how it works and what to expect from those six places I visited :)

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