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Hyper Japan Christmass Market

Wow, this note was supposed to be published max up to two weeks after the event. I kinda...forgot about it? Sorry! But that way you get more interesting stuff at the begining of 2016 than just another lolita meetup summary XP

Now, as you may or may not know from previous notes, I was once on Hyper Japan. Only for one day and in summer time (freakin HOT July!). Now I decided to check out winter edition aka 'Christmass Market'. Reasons were simple- to have fun, to see friends (thank You for everything, dear Agnes and Kate), other lolitas and...see Minori Mon in real life! Yes, she was one of the HJ guests *//////* So yeah! I am not gonna bore  you with the details of my trip. Nothing out of usual type traveling, to be honest. I'll just start with arriving on con place.

Hyper Japan CM took place at London's Tobaco Dock for the first time I think. The area was easly accesible with Tube (took me about 20 minutes to get there from city centre).
When I crossed the main gate (I bought a 3 day pass which cost me 40 pounds), I got surprised. Cuz I was expecting a large hall, a closed building and instead I got an open space divided onto weakly seperated sections. Here You can see the plan of building:

Part of upper level
 Centre of bottom level early in morning.
Here in middle of day (quite crowded)
Gamers area

It wouldn't be that bad if it wasn't quite cold and raining from time to time. Good thing that I wore quite warm and cozy clothing (even while being in lolita).
After the first shock, caused by that (IMO) bizzare place, I decided I will take a look around. There was plenty of great shops, where every person could find something interesting. There were booths with japanese food and sweets:
Bubble Tea stall. I got a Matcha Milk Tea with Tapioca, but it wasn't that good as one I've been drinking in Japan :/ 
Stalls with anime and manga gadgets/ cosplays of all kinds:
Ears/ horns anyone? 
Dollies (more of small exhibition, than actual shop)
 Customized footwear
 Awesome lampions (I'd take some to home if I only had enough cash. these were fairly expensive)
And ofcourse clothing shops (lolita/ kawaii)
Look at these plushies! Most of them were bags/ bagpacks.
Amazing Tofu Cute/ Dreamy Bows stall:

Cute lady serving the sweets
And cute guy ^_^
Shoe heaven.
I even made a small purchase there- my black tea party shoes :D
While walking around I saw many, many amazing people *_* 
(this trio was actually from Gdańsk! Cheers!)

Lolitas (and Brolitas)

Here with Minori Mon. 
Everyone looked amazing and unique :)

As you can asume, my main attraction was taking huge amount of pictures (as always). But it dosn't mean there was nothing else to do. Just the oposite! Let's take for example this small show- the girls (not sure if all of them were girls, tho XD) were playing various melodies on traditional japanese instruments. Quite entertaining.

And did I mention concerts? Like, y'know, full fledged concerts on a bigger scene? :) 
There were so many to choose from. Fans of Visual Kei got to see for example a Wing Works:
And fans of crazy Lady Beard could see him in Lady Baby. I enjoyed this one soooooo much, even tho one of members (the older girl: Rie Kaneko) was absent, they still gave pretty cool show.

For those who prefer rather quiet entertaiment- there was quite a few panels:
(Talk-show with members of  Studio IG. 
I was sitting quite far from scene, thus bad pic of a projection)
and workshops (keep in mind them some of them required an extra ticket). 
In other words- there was so many things that kept people busy, that some didn't know what to choose from. Busiest day was ofcourse Saturday (as it always is). Whole place was super crowded, so it was very hard to move around.
Sunday was rather quiet day. Not that many many people around too. When I checked HJ's timetable, there were still many attractions but I had to rush for my flight back to Cracow.

The whole trip was very enterteining. I am very happy I went to London for HJCM- it was something new. There were things I liked and things I disliked. IMO the organisers tried their best, but they still have to work hard to make this event better, as it had it's faults.

That's all for today. Hope You enjoyed this note! Cheers! 

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  1. Jeeeej, polskie konwenty się przy tym kryją. Pięknie!
    Powiedz mi, czy Twoje czarne buciki są wygodne? Mam takie same i bez wkładki nie da się w nich chodzić a i z wkładką ciężko. Są po prostu strasznie twarde. A na dodatek przepłaciłam za nie 29 dolarów T^T

    1. Polskie konwenty mają zupełnie inny klimat, ale uważam, ze też mają swój czar. Tylko szkoda, że u nas jest tak średnio rozwinięte środowisko miłośników japońskiej mody :/

      Moje buciki są całkiem wygodne, nie narzekam. Są z dobrej jakości eko skórki. Cena kosmos, bo 28 funtów (sic!), ale w sumie przed kupnem wymierzyłam je i okazało się, ze aby były dobrze dobrane, to muszę wziąść o rozmiar większe (40, a nie 39!)- to zaleta sklepu stacjonarnego jednak i za to chyba warto nieco przepłacić.

  2. Impreza wygląda naprawdę wyśmienicie! Mamy nadzieję, że w przyszłym roku uda nam się wreszcie pojechać na jakiś angielski event. Widziałyśmy kiedyś Minori w Paryżu i to naprawdę niesamowite zobaczyć ten makijaż i stylizację na żywo <3

    1. Minori jest przeurocza do tego :)
      Mam nadzieję, ze wbijecie na Londyńskie Tea Party Club Aniversary- mam nadzieję się tam pojawić :D