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Tokyo Imperial Palace

I am pretty sure that those, who watch my blog, thought I finished my Japan trip summary. Well, I was pretty sure I did too. Yet, recently, I decided to check all the pictures I had from my trip, to print some (yes, I do that, I like to have a printed version of photos, because I think it's so much more fun to have an actual album on my shelf, than just another folder on my laptop). I realized I haven't wrote anything about Tokyo Imperial Palace, Shibuya, Ginza, Yoyogi park etc. Which is a big mistake. Time to correct this. Today first off the list :)

Going to Imperial Palace in Tokyo was one of the things I wanted to do no matter what. That is why, before flight to Japan, I have reserved tickets (for myself and Menoa), for trip around the Palace's grounds. I exchanged few e-mails with their office (which was both pretty funny and awesome) and got onto their list. Now, here is the catch- trip with guide is free, but ONLY for limited amount of people. Reservation has to be made at least month earlier, cuz later there might be no tickets at all. I got tickets for the very begining of my journey- the 3rd of September, which made me extremly happy.

I didn't see many pictures of that place before, so I didn't know what to expect. All I knew, was that it's not as 'pretty' as Kyoto palace. Still I was kinda surprised with how modern and humble it is (at least from outside).

Moat around the palace grounds and view for Shinjuku district

More traditional way of building in Japan. Tho I dunno what it was. Maybe a dojo? 
That's where our guide appeared~~

Temple on top of fortification walls
Main palace building. This is where Emperor is living if he's in Tokyo. There is also supposed to be a big reception and hall where all the official parties take place. 
Gas lamps on the bridge leading from palace to garden.
I had luck to see the palace officials on this lovely carriage. 
Look, the guy is making a picture by his cell! Was it because me and Menoa were in lolita? XP 
View of palace's grounds from other side
 Obligatory outfit photo in front of Imperial Palace's garden entrance

4 komentarze:

  1. Zdjęcia są przepiękne, a twój coord urzeka prostotą (print mnie urzekł).
    Zazdroszczę Ci samozaparcia. Ile razy ja sobie obiecuję, że założę album na zdjęcia...

    1. dziękuję :)
      Na bieganie po Tokyo, to tylko prosty coord, a i tak było mi straszliwie gorąco. Nie mówiąc już o tym, że moje ulubione buty mnie obtarły ;_;
      Warto założyć sobie albumiki ze zdjęciami i wracać do nich co jakiś czas <3 Zwłaszcza, że można je fajnie oprawić/ zaaranżować :D

  2. Zawsze chciałam odwiedzić Tokyo, poznać tamtejszą kulturę od kuchni. może kiedyś się uda :)

    1. Na pewno! Ja wycieczkę organizowałam dość spontanicznie szczerze powiedziawszy :) I o dziwo- wcale nie kosztowała mnie małej fortuny :D