piątek, 4 marca 2016


I had such a rough week, guys. My work is killing me, thus I am extremly happy that I will not stay there for long anymore. Meanwhile lets enjoy another portion of photographic memories from Japan. Today's menu: Shibuya. Not the themed coffee shops or restaurants (I did wrote about Alice in Dancing World and Train sushi places, so if you haven't checked it out before- now is ur chance), but the district itself.

Shibuya is popular part of Tokyo known as fashion centre for young japanese people. Famous for many things, among them Hatchiko monument. If you want to know more about that district history, I recommend clicking on Wikipedia article (very nicely writen and with plenty of details). But how does it look exacly?

Here you can see the Shibuya Station with it's famous, always busy crossing. Now, this pic was taken when the crowd wasn't really that big. 
A must-see Hachiko monument with his feline friend. This was one of the most important things to see in Tokyo, because I love dogs and Hachiko's story so much.
By the way- did you know we have a monument for a dog in Cracow to? 
Me and Menoa under the monument.

Random story time:  at evening, on the same day we took these pics, some western guy (who was fairly drunk but kinda hansdome XD), sat up beside me under  Hachiko. Suddenly told me story of his whole life. I don't remember his name anymore, but he managed to tell me all the details like for example that he was half german and half british, lived in Kyoto for few years and came to Tokyo because he got few days off to celebrate Silver Week. when he told me all of that, he grabbed my hand, said 'it was nice meeting ya' and ran. I dunno what it was all about. But it was kinda funny XD 

Further exploration of Shibuya streets

Lupin III (?) posters
109 shopping centre (which included many cool shops) logo
Inside 109- Liz Lisa with very unpleasant customer service XD;
some other nice shops :)
Places like this have usually few levels. You can take either elevator (which may be full) or stairs. And loose some calories. Exacly this many XD
 After shopping, me and Menoa saw this cute lolita :) I think I saw that girl's pics online- anyone recognizes her maybe?
And the crossing again, at night time 

I really enjoyed walking around Shibuya. I kinda regret I haven't go to Gyaru club which is located there. Well, next time, next time :)

4 komentarze:

  1. Rzeczywiście urocza ta lolita. :)A wy z Menołą też cały czas w lolicie? Jak reakcje na ulicy?

    1. Cały czas nie, ale kiedy się dało, to tak- w lolicie :) Trzeba brać na poprawkę, że była ogromna wilgoć i zaduch (mimo iż to był wrzesień!). Ludzie, jeśli już w ogóle zwracali uwagę, to raczej pozytywnie :)

  2. Zazdroszczę wycieczki T^T Ta lolita rzeczywiście jest przeurocza, prześliczny print i kolor sukienki. Ale Wy też ślicznie wyglądałyście <3

    1. Dzięki! My biegałyśmy całymi dniami po mieście, więc coordy raczej musiały być lekkie i bez tony dodatków :) Poza tym niestety, we wrześniu w Japonii wciąż się leje gorąc z nieba~ następnym razem chcę jechać w październiku lub listopadzie. Tylko teraz trzeba pieniążek uzbierać na podróż.