czwartek, 5 maja 2016

Oops I did it again + MCM May 2015

Britney, Oh Britney. Not gonna talk about your 90's classic today. Tho that's what most of the people think while hearing this sentence, hah. Today I'm gonna talk about my latest trip. To Edinburgh. Or should I say 'removal'.
Last week I took some of my most basic things, got to the plane and landed at Edinburgh; Scotland's capitol. I am planning to stay here for a while. May be few months, may be longer, may be shorter. We'll see how it will go. All I know for now, is that I have a room in nice area, part-time job (only few hours per week), prospects for another job (I ot inerview today! Fingers crossed for me, people :))) and head full of ideas. Time will tell if good or bad.
Ofcourse, since I took only basic things, I did not include any of my lolita items. Hopefully soon I will receive a package, including 'kawaii' stuff, from Cracow (big thanks to my mom, who is taking care of it!), so there is a chance for upcoming notes to be lolita related.
Now, you probably thought- 'no pitures today, booo'- haven't ya? But hey, I have PLENTY of material that I was supposed to publish long, long, looooooonnnnnnnng time ago, so I decided on one from almost exacly year ago. Today I will show ya photos from my last MCM Expo in London. It was taking place, as usual, on Excel Exhibition centre, at the end of May 2015. I had my own table there, taking mini comissions. Maybe I haven't seen all of the attractions (it's a bit hard to move around, while you have to draw and just keep an eye on your small business) but I still enjoyed it.

Some companies stalls, just before it was open to public and disappeared between wild crowd.
Tribbles anyone? 
 Or a sword maybe?
 Game spot.
 For younger(?) visitors- Hello Kitty spot.

 More games :)
 And what I love the most- people. Awesome people in awsome costumes or cool clothing*_* 
Look at those brilliant Zelda cosplayers!
 Comic heroes.
Game of Thrones queen, Cersei.
 Sweet CCS pair.
 Amazing lolita coord. I love the headpiece sooooo much *_*
Also the girl was very sweet.

Live sized my little pony (3rd gen)
And cute shops *_* Haven for Fairy-kei fans.

 These shoes, these prices XD;

That's all for today, people of world. Until next note, love ya!

4 komentarze:

  1. Wow, wow, wow, do it again! XD ♡
    Zauważyłaś,ze najlepsze atrakcje są w stefie dla dzieci? Na Pyrkonie było to samo :< Niesprawiedliwe!

    1. No wystarczy mi na razie przeprowadzek XD; haha!

      To fakt :D W sumie strefa Hello Kitty była oblegana przez lolity i cosplayerów XD;;

  2. kurcze, musze kiedys zaliczyc MCM bo to az wstyd :<

    chyba lubisz te przeprowadzki ;)

    1. MCM jest kilka razy w roku, w różnych lokalizacjach, także jak będziesz miała wenę, to krzycz. A nóż widelec też będę się wybierała :D

      A przeprowadzek nie lubię ._. Tak wychodzi _^_