piątek, 22 lipca 2016

Ocean Terminal and Edinburgh centre

Yesterday I was supposed to work, but early in the morning, my boss sent me message, that my shift is cancelled. Not a great thing, cuz that means I will have to work on Sunday (and I wanted to have weekend off). But as I had a whole day for myself, I decided to go for a short walk around Edinburgh. I bought a daily ticket for bus and went to Ocean's Terminal. I heard so much about this place, so I imagined it to be a pretty, turistic seaside with some souvenir shops, beach etc. Reality kicked me as soon as I arrived there. What I saw was just huge shopping centre and not much else, I was like- the hell is this? Severly dissapointed, I walked around a bit and eventually I have found few nice spots to take pictures. But prolly never gonna go back there.

Storm clouds, water and sun always make everything look pretty.
Small square between shopping cenntre and main street.

Soon after taking these, I jumped onto bus again, went to city and landed on....Clacton hill. Wasn't planning that, but heck- I enjoyed the view so much! Edinburgh is amazing. I love this city atmosphere so much and it will be hard to move. Cuz there might be such need again. But not yet, not yet. I will know at the end of year *sigh*

Pretty, see? Ofcourse, weather was changing every 5-10 minutes, Eventually it started raining heavily, so I just hiden myself at nearby coffee shop (where the barista couldn't make proper latte on Soya milk......<- first world problems, hahahaha), until rain stopped and I could move around bit more.

Now, weekend is starting. Tomorrow I have a day off and wish me good weather, since I really wanna go to Royal Botanic Garden and wear one of my new dresses (and I have two!- will make a seperate note about my recent purchases soon, ha!)
Okies, until next note! Just like Lovely Lor says; stay lovely :) 

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  1. Odpowiedzi
    1. Centrum Edynburga oferuje multum ślicznych obrazków. Tylko pogody brak, jak zawsze tutaj!

  2. Z pogodą jak to w Szkocji XD. A widoki rzeczywiście robią wrażenie! Trzeba przyjechać, tak już nam tęskno do Europy...