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Lolita and House for an Art Lover

Last Sunday I've met with few of the lovely girls from Scottish community again. We went to the Rennie Mackintosh >>>House of an Art Lover<<<, which is located at Bellahuston Park in Glasgow. Here are some pics from our small event. Unfortunately (read: as always... I am such a dork, hahaha) I forgot to take a pic of an outside of house. Luckly you can see it on official page, I linked above
On the entrance, HoaAL, looks bit heavy. Dark colors, strong inspiration with asian culture here and there. 
On pic You can see Louie and Megan looking around.
The dining room. Kinda gloomy, but until you'll see the paintings on the walls.
 Piano room is so much different. Very bright, relaxing. The guide told me, that small fireplace was not very typical for designs from begining of 20th century. You can also spot symbolic, pagan tree of life (Sepiroth? Yggdrasil? Or other?) 
Piano itself. Breathtakingly beautiful!
Even made a selfie there. YES. This is a selfie :P We wanted to have a pic together but there was no one to take it, sooooo......
Some smaller rooms were filled with info about Mackintosh and his works.
there is also a floor but most of the rooms there are used by either Glasgow school of Art or for business meetings, so we couldn't access them.

When we finished walking around house (it's not that big), we decided to move to garden. Louie saw this little girl and befrended her, haha.
 Now onto some outfit pics :) 
 Meshya aka ME :P

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