wtorek, 24 stycznia 2017

Lolita meetup at MOCAK- Museum of Contemporary Art

Woohoo, back in Edinburgh, people! It was so hard to leave my doggie (yes, I am sorry but he is and always will be my number one) parents and sis back at Poland but I had to fly back to Scotland- to work and other 'normal life' related 'things'. Not that I don't like it here- just the oposite! But after spending so much time in my hometown, having maybe the best Christmass ever (even if I am not religious), meeting with several friends... pretty sure you get the idea. Anyway, what I have for you today is a photo documentation of my last lolita meetup in Cracow. Along with the team that I've been with in Prague and Kutna Hora, we went to >>>MOCAK<<<. 
This place took my interest earlier but I never had chance to visit it, cuz it's in kinda less popular district. Yet this time, besides usual expositions, there was one that was inspired by Andy Warhol's person, so we all got extra motivated. 

On 8th of January, despite very low temperature (it was minus 9 celcius....even Vistula river froze....)
we met at MOCAK's entrance.
Me (sorry for color difference on this pic, I dunno what I did with original file and I used some strange filter on this one..)
 and Mysza were little bit earlier
Kaha and Keczup joined us few minutes after. It was getting late, so we rushed to buy tickets and quickly jumped onto 'modern art' world.
 'What author wanted to say thru his work' was one of the most frequent questions I had in mind, while exploring wild drawings
 or compositions

 like this one for example.

 Suddenly we found a light room (literally I'd say). Every visitor was making a selfie or pictures in this room, so we couldn't be worse, right?

 Milions of pics been done, even group photo, so we could continue our tour. We saw talking crow with leather jacket,
 black dots on floor
 'stuff' in general.

 Then we realized what time it is and that we have to run to restaurant if we don't want to loose our reservation for table. Luckly, we got there quite fast. 
 Orders started from drinks. Everybody got something warm. Obviously.

 Oh, at the place we also met Menoa, who did not manage to get to MOCAK. Pretty as ever, with sparkling makeup.

 They made us wait for food but it was quite delicious!
 Because earlier I had no chance to take picture of Kaha and Keczup, I did it in restaurant. Lightning wasn't best but it's still better than nothing.
 And one more group picture. 
It was such a great meeting. I enjoyed every bit of it and I will surely go to MOCAK again in summer, maybe the girls will join me again? Let's hope so!

Now, as an extra, a short vlog from the MOCAK:

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  1. Wspaniałe było to spotkanie, wystawa też niczego sobie. Pozdrowienia z zasmogowanego Krakowa!

    1. Oby więcej takich meetow.
      Oj, biedne Wy i biedny Kraków ;_;