wtorek, 4 czerwca 2013

[ENG] Sunny day

Since I have break from work (another printing house I am working at right now didn't get any bigger orders so as a part timer I don't have a job...which sucks but hopefully will change soon) I decided to not waste time on sitting at home and go somewhere. And it was such an amazing and hot (!) day yesterday *___* First I wanted to go to park, Glasgow Green or something like that, but remembered about other place- Sighthill Cementary where one can see whole city from. Cool place. And hey, cementeries at Scotland are treated just like a parks (so many people taking sun baths among graves. so much win!).
Anyway, since I had Odi with me- I made a 'huge' session with her (lol, two pictures...she deserves better U___U) but to prove that she's still with me, alive and kicking :P

And Sighthill Cementery

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  1. jej jakie super zdjęcia :) a lalę uwielbiam :) zwłaszcza za jej kolor włosow :)