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[ENG] Glasgow Mela and Man of steel- no spoilers [IMG HEAVY]

[ENG] I've had extremly busy but enjoyable Sunday. After swimming pool, which have become my favourite sport activity, I went for Glasgow Mela. It is annual multiculture festival, open for everyone. There were many great shows, cool people, music, food. All of this in gorgeous Kelvingrove park. Here are some pictures. 

After festival I went to Glasgow Sience Centre, where they have the only IMAX in Scotland. When it comes to cinema itself...well, not that big as in Poland. Also funny thing- when buying ticket, you cannot book a place so if you'll be late for a movie, you'll probably be sitting in the corner of first row, lol. Stupid. I was half an hour before show and had semi good place in fifth row.
As for Man of Steel itself (don't worry, no spoilers)- wasn't bad. Great either. What I disliked was epicness. I know that it's supposed to be 'very serious movie' but it was like watching "300" for me. And I don't feel that superheero from Kansas, named Kent, should be pictured like a king Leonidas, hahaha :) What was really nice in previous Supermans, was that these movies had very little of plot (which usually is a no-no deal when it comes to movies) but were light, just films for relaxing evening.
Cintinuing my small rant ;D- I also disliked camera work (shaking all the time, blur every 10 seconds, not much needed bokeh). Not only my opinion. My eyes were tired after half an hour.
But what was cool was that they created great vision of Krypton. Speciall effects were simply amazing (when they weren't blurry, haha). 
My mark: 6/10. No more, no less.

Last thing- goin' to Paris in two weeks, guys. Expect a lot of pictures from Japan Expo!
Oh, and dolly pictures will come soon too. I'm sure u will like 'em! Just be patient.

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