wtorek, 9 lipca 2013

Psycho (Janus Miho) Arrival :)

He's here after two months of waiting ^^ Today morning I went to Parcelforce depot, paid 27 pounds of customs and got package with him onto my hands. Here's box oppening :)
All I can tell ye is that he'll be difficult doll to handle. He has more childlish face than I expected which may be both advantage and disadvantage. Other thing is that he's huge. So much bigger than my previous boys (excluding Heliot, lol....but that was AGES go XD;). Clothes I had prepared for him are bit small so I don't know if I should buy him stuff for SD13 or SD17....O_o;;;; whooops!

Onto pics~~
huge but not really that heavy box
 Company box. Bit plain looking XD;
 ....and soooo many gifts O_O;;;; WOW! I got really cute wig (I will leave it for Lucille because it completly does not suit Psycho. Picture book, notepad etc.
 Very cool looking certificate
 oh....and here comes a doll itself
 *smirk no.2*

Here with eyes, wig and some clothing. 
I'll try to make some decent pictures soon. 

By the way- expect note and pictures from Japan Expo. I promise there will be also a lot of dolls *_*

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