czwartek, 20 marca 2014

First Day of Spring

Today is first day of Spring! My girls are in the mood for celebrating. 

Pepper: Oh yes, we are, so very much. But...
 Odi: well, we are happy that winter is over, but it's not a main reason for our joy. 
There is something else.
Odi: Look.
 Odi: Our dresses from etsy are on their way. We are simply happy that AT LAST 
we will have some other outfits.
Me:..... hahaha..ha. Okay XD; 

Well, I am happy both with girls and for the spring too :) Altho Paisley and Glasgow are covered with strong, cold wind and rain, I am still happy we have antered a new season. Lookie, I even changed my look for brighter for that occassion, hehe <3

2 komentarze:

  1. Chciałabym się tak umieć umalować *trzyma się z daleka od kosmetyków*

  2. Super! Ciekawa jestem jak dziwczyny beda sie prezentowac w sukieneczkach :) Pozdrawiam