sobota, 22 marca 2014

SO FAST!!!!!!!! Order from Qiqikoko is here.

I've NO IDEA how Chinese and British post did that but my order from Etsy's qiqikoko arrived today (really good job Royal Mail. Tho U could also deliver my package with korean cosmetics which I ordered month ago...XD).
First impression on clothes- wow.
Second- WOW!
See yourself.

Package firm, marked as gift. Ordered dresses: each packed seperately, simply and nicely. HIGH QUALITY. 
Additional gifts too (small memo cards and decorative tape)! 

 And here quick (and quite bad, sorry!) picture of Pepper in new dress. Suits her beautifully *_* 

2 komentarze:

  1. Pepper wygląda cudnie. Widać po jej mince, że jest bardzo zadowolona z nowej sukienki :)

  2. The clothes look very nice! Pepper is very cute with her new outfit :-).