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GLP Artbook by ricorico

I am a graphic, as much as I like to make my own creations, I also like to read and watch other people works. They inspire me, make me keep going in artistic way. And since my lolita addiction got quite serious lately, I wanted to try getting something that could connect my love for drawing and the fashion. Thus I was looking for publications on these topics put together. I have found "Gothic Lolita Punk" by ricorico. I didn't see any reviews of this artbook earlier. Just basic information, few really bad pictures, mainly of cover and what ye can get as sample pages at Amazon. Yet I took a risk and ordered it, since I found it really cheaply second hand. It arrived after few weeks of waiting. I almost forgot about it. But when I finally got GLP into my hands I was positevely surprised. On 178 full color B5 (a typical doujishi size?) pages I have found short introduction to Gothic Lolita & street fashion (including an interview with DJ SiSeN who is more of an alternative fashion representative) and profiles of 10 Japanesse artists who are well known for their graphic and photographic works inspired by Gothic Lolita and similiar:
1. Eri Kamijo
2. Aguru Mukai
3. Yoh
4. Makoligato
5. Kira Imai
6. Gin Yaba Tank
7. Hime+You
8. Tama
9. Nori Tomizaki
10. Tokyo Alice
Each of authors got about 14-16 pages where he/she introduces some of the finished works (majority of these were published in various magazines and brochures) and process of making art. I really like the way it was all prepared. Ofcourse, each artist have individual style and I cannot say all of them got in line with my taste (I am not a fan of Aguru Mukai & Tokyo Alice works. Especially Tokyo Alice- I am under impression she just dosn't know the basics of anatomy, composition and colour mixing, even tho she graduated from art university...). At the end of the book we have a small Glossary, once again a very short notes about each of artists and aknowledgements. Clean and simple. And that's it, guys.
Book is surprisingly good, shows different views on topic of both graphics and fashion. I enjoyed reading and browsing thru it. It's very nicely published. I give it strong 7 out of 10. Recomended.

Eri Kamijo

Aguru Mukai (well known for making illustrations for KERA)


Makoligato Blythe pictures
My Pepper recommends :P 

Kira Imai (best known from colaboration with Angelic Pretty Brand)

Tokyo Alice

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  1. Typowe doujiny, przynajmniej te, z którymi ja miałam styczność są B5 albo A5. Prędzej mangi w tomikach mają B6 ;)

  2. artbook bardzo milo sie prezentuje, dla poniektorych artystow (-ek ;)) bym sie skusila nawet na zakup i moze kiedys tak zrobie :)