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[ENG] Scotland Expo + what's goin on

My, my, September already. In few days we will have a callendar Autumn and then Winter and Christmass....Don't laugh! I have already seen seasonal decoration at local Primark. But before the Christmass craze will get into everybody's houses and we will hear 'Last Christmass' by George Michael at least twice a day, lets enjoy Fall and all the events that are getting closer.

Today small photo relation from Scotland Expo that was held in  Glasgow SECC previous weekend (6-7th September). After huge success of first edition year ago, this time MCM group decided to make event two days long. They have prepared many atractions, invited many guests (tho I have heard some of them did not arrived at the con place- not confirmed information).
As for me- as always- I've had a table in Comic Village. Just as a year ago, I tried to serve all manga/ comic fans some new products I also had help on stand in person of my flatmate and friend; Anna (Thank You, dear!). That allowed me to look around the hall full of goods, take some pictures for You and make short video (which will be uploaded later).

EDIT- Video added at the end :) 

Llamas, llamas...oh wait, these are alpacas actually. 

Lovely staff from Tofu Cute

Adam Burn and his mesmerizing art

I'd LOVE to own one of these guitars! Custom decorated <3 

Game is on! 

Lovely Tim Burton's fan

Pikatchu. With Ichigo's mask. In kilt. 
Where else than Scot Expo anyone would find anything like this.  



What's on TV?


Kyary Kyary Pamyu fan

Last- pic made by my friend by phone (thus different colors...). 
Me among beautiful Scot Lolis who were simply AMAZING!!!

Here's really short video from expo.

Other than expo- I changed shifts from night to day. Still working at same place tho I had interview at Hilton hotel and passed it without problem. Yet they did not guarantee enough hours to keep my life goin the way it is right now. So yeah, still employee of Trespass.

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