czwartek, 1 stycznia 2015

Short trip to Inverness

On 28th of December I went with my mom (who visited me in Scotland for two weeks) to Inverness- the capitol of Highlands. It lies about 3,5 hour by bus from Glasgow. Our plan was to see not only the city but also Urquhart Castle and Loch Ness. Yet, since there was no connection that would allow us to go there and come back in time for return trip to Glasgow (there was ONE bus to Urquhart Castle at 12:45 and ONE return bus at 13:30......seriously, person responsible for this timetable has specific sense of humor....), the Inverness city became our main tourist attraction. It's a nice place, very pretty but also very small. And I mean VERY SMALL.  

Some pictures.

My sweet mom here <3 

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