wtorek, 9 czerwca 2015

"Tokyo is Yours"

I know I wrote that I wo't be too active now but just had to make a short note about this.

Yesteday I was at great prelection, entitled "Tokyo is Yours" by one of my lolita friends; Klaudia 'Lladia' Adamowicz who graduated on Jagielonian University and is making a research on japanese pop culture. She talked about how Tokyo mixes tradition, art and innovation, how people who are extremly overworked try to comfort themselves in world of fantasy by creating their small 'artificial haven'. That was very interesting!

Cofie shop where prelection took place; no bo no

Klaudia speaking

Menoa & Klaudia

...and me :)

And small group photo just before going home.

Thank You!

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  1. To jak jesteście w trójkę strasznie mi się podoba, tak wpasowałyście się w miejscówę :D

    1. Dzięki, był to dość spontaniczny wypad :D