wtorek, 16 czerwca 2015

Prague + Karlovy Vary

Prague never lets you go… this dear little mother has sharp claws –Franz Kafka

I did hear this quote from our guide when I was leaving Prague and I have to admit that it's 100% truth. I fell in love with this city from the first sight and I am sure I will go back there sooner or later. If I were to describe Prague in details it would take me days and still, I would fail, so I am not even trying. But in short- this city is beautiful, full of history, art and unique atmosphere like nowhere else. Even if I was there only for few days, I was able to see the most important places (thanks to mentioned mr. guide who walked me and my group around). I saw marketplace (and cute casual lolita there!), castle, gardens, museums (including Alphonse Mucha Museum which I have a bit mixed feelings about) and lot more. 


Amazing Orloj clock

 Cathedral on Hradcany
 Stained glass designed by Alphone Mucha

View from Vltava river
 One of the copperplates on Karol's bridge
 One of many amazing hotels in Prague

On Saturday I also went to Karlovy Vary. It's well known spa destination, one hour away from Prague. Nice, quiet place with beautiful views, 12 hot springs and Grand hotel Pupp where one of the Bond's movies was recorded. Just lovely! 

For the end- greetings from me myself and until next note!

3 komentarze:

  1. Praga to w sumie jedyne miasto z granicą, w jakim byłam i uwielbiam je *-*, dobrze wspominam i w ogóle.

    A na tym zdjęciu cudownie wyszłaś!

  2. Praga jest piekna, mogłabym się tam ponownie wybrać :) ciesze sie, ze wypoczynek sie udaje :)

  3. I love Prague too, I missed Karlovy Vary during my visit unfortuntely, it looks awesome.

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