czwartek, 2 lipca 2015


Honey, Im back!
Yup, I came back from my journey to Croatia. Happy, rather relaxed and...tanned (well, I may not be totally brown but I am not white, so that means I did catch some sun afterall). I was staying near Makarska center, at hotel Rivijera, just 100 meters from beautiful seaside, so my days were filled with sunbaths, swimming, looking at handsome Croatian guys (I REGRET NOTHING! Guys out there are all tall and with black hair- my ideal type!) and eating the best ice creams ever (no, seriously!), which could be found in nearby coffie shop.
I've also took a cruise to nearby islands, Hvar and Brac and been at so called Fish Picnic, where you could eat (obviously) lot of fish and sea food, drink (Rakia, white wine included), dance and play traditional Dalmatian games. Overal I really enjoyed these last few days.

If were talking about tradition- here, catch some pictures! 

Makarska city center

Hvar island

Seagulls which followed every ship around Hvar and Brac islands
at least half of the way and always got some scraps from lunch!  

Brac (Bol)

And again Makarska

I do not want to spam You with pictures (took about 300), 
so just one more- beautiful sunset in Makarska- one of most amazing 
views in entire world <3 

Next note- first Polish cat cafe- Kociarnia!

2 komentarze:

  1. W sumie wydaje mi się, że przez to, że mój kot jest bardzo towarzyski to jakoś kociarnia nie zrobiła na mnie aż takiego wrażenia, jak na różnych innych ludziach. Ale było w miarę sympatycznie na antresoli ;D

    Dobrze, że wycieczka się udała~

  2. ale tam slicznie *_* dobrze wiedziec ze wyprawa sie udala!