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My flight and Hiratsuka

For colorful begining- Hiratsuka mascots /present in many places across the town/
Now onto the note :)

As promised, here is the first of few notes about my trip to Japan. Today I will write about my experience with Russian airlines and Hiratsuka- small city where I lived for first two weeks of my trip.

Aeroflot, which I have choosen mainly because of their low prices (my ticket to Tokyo was only about 440$) dosn't have good opinion. There's a lot of comments online stating that their planes are old and rusty Tupolevs, that they're loosing luggages very often and their staff if simply rude + food served on board is not edible. But you know what? My experience with Aeroflot is just the oposite to all of this. First and most important- planes used for this connection were Airbuses in very good condition, with Rolce Royce engines. They looked good, they were very comfty and quiet. Staff very friendly, always keen on helping. Food was very good (including sushi, big pieces of tiramisu or pancakes with pear which were super tasty!). Luggage? I got it without even scratches. So yeah, I will not hesitate to fly with Aeroflot again.
My trip lasted 13hours, with transfer in Moscow. I started my trip on 12:40 polish time and fished it around 11:00 japanese time. Without any problems.

My plane from Warsaw to Moscow
 Moscow from above.
 Sheremetyevo Int Airport. Had to wait for my transfer to Narita there. 

I was to tired to make pictures after landing at Narita. All I can say is that this airport is quite big but there is small chance for anyone to get lost there. There are signs everywhere and people who are keen of helping if there is any issue. 
After I got my 90 days visa I went directly to bus station. Decided again on one of the cheapest options- Limousine Bus (1000 yen). It took me to Tokyo Station. There I changed for JR Tokaido line (Atami direction). Took me almost an hour to get to my destination. Now here is why. Hiratsuka is a small & quiet town, lovely but located about 65 km from capital. Yup. Still, in the end, me and my travel companion, saw a lot of pretty amazing places thanks to being located in Hiratsuka. Anyway, continuing description of that town- even if you can't really compare it to Tokyo, there's everything one can need; various stores (big shopping centre just beside station), coffie shops, even pachinko salons and book-off (known also as second hand manga and books shop). There is also beautiful shrine complex, charming seaside and observation point. 

Hiratsuka streets

Seaside in the evening 
You can see I had fun jumping into water XD;; 
Picture by Menoa Scythe

Hiratsuka shrine

...and last but not least, view from Hiratsuka's observation point

Next note: Yokohama and Enoshima Island :)

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  1. Aeroflocik bardzo dobre linie! Nie ma co słuchać złych ludzi, jak cena atrakcyjna! ;)

  2. Odpowiedzi
    1. Już po wyjeździe, a nawet przyjeździe :D Ale było pierwsza klasa :) Dzięki :D

  3. zazdroszcze ci tej wycieczki, naprawde musialo byc super :) sama sie z taka wyprawa przymierzam, ale minie jeszcze kilka lat. choc cel z mezem mamy by odwiedzic japonie przed 2020 :P
    czekam na dalsza relacje z podrozy :D

    1. Było niesamowicie, choć wiele rzeczy ZUPEEEEŁNIE innych niż sądziłam. Kolejny wyjazd rozplanuję zapewne inaczej i...krócej :D bo mam nadzieję tam tak do 2018 wrócić, żeby zobaczyć Kyoto i Osake, a może i nawet coś jeszcze.

    2. a tak jeszcze pytanie - rezerwowalas bilety przez jakas strone czy biuro podrozy? i z jak duzym wyprzedzeniem?
      o tak, kyoto jak najbardziej :)

    3. rezerwowałam bilety przez skyscanner.net (polecam, polecam!), 10 miesięcy do przodu. Przez biuro absolutnie się nie opłaca jechać, liczą sobie straszne pieniądze :)