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Today note about Yokohama. Start!

Second biggest city in Japan when it comes to population and capital city of Kanagawa prefecture, located in Tokyo bay. That's Yokohama. To be completly honest, I had no plans on visiting this city but it turned out to be half way between Tokyo centre and Hiratsuka. First time I went there with my travel companion, it was raining heavily and the only things we saw were big shopping centre connected with JR Station (as big as labyrynth and full of shops with amazing food), Closet Child (second hand lolita shop) and...Sega Game center where we lost 600 yen trying to get beautiful Madoka Magika figue. It was fun tho.

Inside the JR station
 French bakery
 Sweets decorated with pure gold *_*

 evil place- Sega game center

Second time I went to Yokohama, was to catch a bus to Kyoto with my friend. Unfortunately there was only one spare place, so we decided not to go. We got a cup of coffie/breakfast and since wather was great, we decided to walk around a bit more around city, check Closet Child again.

City center

What would be visit in Yokohama without checking it's famous China Town! Passing that gate...

...you feel like actually going to China for a moment! Look, smell of the streets is soooooo different from your usual japanesse view. Here is one of the shrines standing just in the middle of the streets, between various shops. It was hard to make pictures of anything because of the cables :/

 Japan meets China = Hello Kitty as Panda

Overal- Yokohama is very busy town. Not so pretty and entertaining as Tokyo, yet worth checking out.

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  1. Wydało się! Spędzałyście dni na maszynach!

  2. Wszystko wygląda tak czysto i kolorowo w porównaniu do Polski XD

    1. Bo w JP jest bardzo czysto! Zadziwiająco wrecz. :)
      Czy kolorowo? Zależy od pogody głównie :)