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News+ Die Milch+ Akihabara

Before I will continue with my notes from Japan trip, just wanted to let you know I may be less active because I got job and well- am earning monies for another trip :)

Also wanted to mention that last Wednesday Cracow lolita community had chance to meet with Coco from Die Milch. It was very sudden call but still it's so cool she was able to spend an evening with us! Such a sweet person. I wish she could come to Poland with the rest of band and play concert here :)

Now as promised- Next instalment of my summary from japanese trip. Akihabara this time!

"Electric city", "Otaku haven", "Must-visit place for japanese pop culture fans". Akihabara, or in short Akiba, has many names and from what I saw, I can tell that every each of them suits this place perfectly. Since it was close to my second hotel, I went there twice.

First time was a bit rushed, me and Menoa were supposed to meet with our friends from Almost Paradise but they had problem with wi-fi connection thus we spent quite a lot of time around train station (where by the way we have found fantastic french bakery).

After we lost hope for finding each other with girls, we decided to check out Volks showroom.

(Photos between search :)) Thanks for that one Menoa!

I was very excited because I wanted to see dollfies at last (earlier I tried to check SOOM shop at Harajuku yet it closed down) but no luck this time either. Instead I saw thousands (if not milions) of figures and gadgets gathered between 8 floors (best ones were big, hentai figurines in extremly entertaining poses, showing, um, everything. IN DETAIL! Was too shocked to take pictures, haha...OTL).

I even made a tiny purchase but still felt unsatisfied. Luckly I had address of second dollfie shop in area- DOLK, This one was small but it was bull's eye. There were not only dolls but clothes, wigs, accesories. So if any of you is after dollfie stuff- DOLK is highly recomended for shopping.

Fun fact- there was suspiciously lot of guys in store, hehe.
Thing to mention- on our way back to the JR Station we saw a group of beautiful lolitas. They were perfect. I wanted to make a picture odf them but they were rushing somewhere. Still their outfits were perfectly OTT and made huge impression on us.

Second time me and Menoa were at Akiba closer to the evening.

 Our main goal this time was Purikura which was lots of fun. Before taking these silly pictures we were kinda dragged to Maid Cafe. I will write more about that and other themed restaurants in seperate note. (All I can say now is that it was one of a kind experience.) We also saw some more figurine shops and found huge Mandrake shop, which had eight floors. On the second or third floor they had Dollfie second-hand. Poor dolls were gathered behind the glass, one on another. It didin't look to good.

Last thing we managed to check was DDR!

We found dancing machine in some game center, just by pure luck. One session cost 100/person so we tried ourselves. It was fun, tho we didn't hear any music. there was just waaaaay too loud in center. We barely heard each other.

If I were to write few words of summary about Akihabara- it's fun place.  Lot's of entertaining things there. Also place for spending money (no matter how much one have them- it's not enough XD). Definitely NOT my favourite place in Tokyo but I enjoyed exploring it.

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  1. My rowniez z mezem swietnie bawilismy sie w Akibie, a bylismy tam az 3 razy hahahaha. Choc tak jak piszesz, tez nie nasze ulubione miejsce, ale i tak bardzo zajmujace i wysysajace kase hahahah