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Asakusa, Sensou-ji Shrine & Silver Week

Living in two locations thru the japanese trip (as I mentioned in previous notes) had it's benefits. Tho my second hotel; Asakusa Fukudaya was hardcore. Even tho placed in good area (I could see Tokyo Sky Tree from window *_*)

 me and my companion's room was small. And not your average small- it was freakin' tiny. We felt almost claustrofobic. There was mini desk beside window, a barely working fridge, TV (daily portion of anime, uhm) and bed. Well, not exacly bed- it was a futon. Did I mention it was old and stinky one? Every day, when we woke up, we felt every bone in our bodies.
Not sure if every room in this hotel was the same or we had just bad luck, but well, we had limited budget so we had to endure it somehow.

Now, time to introduce you another beautiful place in Tokyo area- Sensou-ji Shrine, known also as Asakusa Kannon Temple, surrounded by smaller shrines and beautiful garden.

Koi fishies, swimming in blue (!) water. 

Manga, manga everywhere.

 Me and Menoa decided to go there within a week, on a 'normal' day but we failed miserably! We didn't realize that it was last day of a Silver week and so all the area was packed!

There was so many people that at some point it was hard to move around. Positive aspect of this situation was that quite large number of shrine's visitors were waring traditional japanese clothing which was a candy for an eye *_*

(Me and Menoa and some cute lady)

There were also many stalls with food (they had doriyaki and even fresh grilled crab on stick for only 500 yen!).

I also decided on buying some souvenirs there. Cuz where else I could find a shiba-inu folder, ha.

This was the shop.

In the middle of trying to get thru the wild crowd, we even met some of our polish friends (Hi, Kamila!). What are the odds! We just exchanged greetings and parted but it was a nice touch of a fate :) Just confirms that the world is small.

So, how did I like Sensou-ji? I loved it, like most places and things in Japan *_* This place is another must-see location, while visiting Tokyo. Has it's charm. Probably looks a bit different on a normal day (not a festival one), but I doubt anyone would be dissapointed with 'just' admiring this amazing shrine complex. It lies not to far from Tokyo Station (35 minutes) and it's easy to get there with metro.

I think that's all for today. Next note about themed cafe shops/restaurants!

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