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Themed restaurants in Tokyo [part 1]

Decided to devide this not to two, cuz too many pictures :) Today Monster Cafe and Alice Cafes.

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This topic totally deserves it's own note. While being in Tokyo, I had chance to visit few extraordinary places, that offered not only drinks and meal but unique experiences, including being swallowed by a monster :) Ready to check it out? Start!

1. MONSTER CAFE-Harajuku (entrance- 500 jpy)
Some of you may be confused about the phrase I used above; 'swallowed by a monster'. But that is exacly the idea behind the MC. Guests who will decide to come here, are entering one of four colorful zones, each in different style, that are Choppy's insides (Choppy, also known as Mr. Ten Thousands Chopsticks is MC's mascot).

Person responsible for that crazy and brilliant theme is Sebastian Matsuda, known widely for promoting japanese pop culture and working with no one else than Kyary. In one of interviews he was supposed to say; "I always wanted to take my international friends to place, where they would see a true spirit of Tokyo/ Harajuku".

Now more about the technical stuff. When you are seated in choosen zone by one of staff members, you get the electronic menu which is equally colorful inside and outside.
Food & drinks prices are not very high (I'd say pretty average for Tokyo), tho quality is so so (not bad but not great either). Despite being tempted to get a rainbow colored pasta, I got just a veggie salad which was much lighter for my stomach and a coffie (paid around 1200 yen).

One more thing- there is a time limit of 90 minutes per session in Monster Cafe. After that time you might be charged additional 500 yen.

Some more pictures 
The room where me and my friend were seated.
 There were huge macaroons on the wall
Also pretty awesome lighting
 Corridor and a bar on left

 Main room with corousel
 mirror selfie

 Yes, this is also member of staff :)

2. ALICE IN DANCING WORLD- Shibuya (entrance- 500 jpy)
Alice themed restaurants are a 'must see' for every person who is interested in japanese pop- culture. Lewis Caroll's book is still a huge inspiration for all kind of artists in Japan and it's visible generaly everywhere. You just cannot escape it.

Alice in DW is a small place, located 5 minutes walk from Hachiko monument. It's kinda hidden but I had luck that one of my friends (lovely Audrey, cheers!) knows exacly where it is. There are some signs, okay, but barely visible to be honest.
On the stairs you are welcomed by card solider. 

When You get down, you see a shining carousel! I have to tell ya that I was amazed with it and couldn't stop looking around.

I've ordered a coffie (yup, I like coffie, I order it everywhere) and a salmon risotto. 

Paid around 1400 yen altogether but coffie was fantastic and food very tasty. Also our waitress very, very cute.
Lovely girl, tho a bit confused when we started talking in english. Audrey helped again (thank You!). This place is prety cool and, IMO, underestimated because of how small it is. Still, I enjoyed it so much and I hope to visit it again sometime in future :)

Second Alice themed restaurant that I visited, is bit bigger and has completly different decor.

(Yup, it's also decoration)
Reservation is not required but on weekends guests may be asked to wait for a free table 5-15 minutes. Inside you will find two sections. One reminds of Labyrynth,
while second is supposed to be place where Mad Hatter and March Hare had their tea party.

Atmosphere of this place is pretty awesome. That is- until you'll see prices of food and drinks. Simple coffie around 600 yen wouldn't be so bad, but it was just yuck. And basic toast (which was freakin' TINY) with (canned) tuna paste- another 600 yen. I don't eat that much so I am used to small portions. Belive me, that was beyond being small. Then again this is a restaurants policy- to stay there, every guest have to order food and drink.
Staff was really unfriendly and I felt uncomfortable because of that. (Tho that on lady was ok XD)
Overal- this specific place looks nice andis worth checking out but do not go there to have lunch and relax cuz you'll be severly dissapointed. Just as me.

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  1. Lękam się ceny za tost... I niemiła obsługa? W Japonii?! Toż to czysta zgroza!

    1. Pani, która serwowała jedzonko niestety miała minę, jakby miała kij w zadku. Meh, okropne :/

  2. Obydwie panie kelnerki mają dość krótkie sukienki jak na Alicję :p Wszystkie miejsca wyglądają niesamowicie! Menu były napisane tylko po japońsku?

    1. W sumie fakt, kuse spódniczki.
      Menu po dżapańsku, ale są obrazki XD; Dodatkowo w Alice in dancing world byłyśmy z moją koleżanką z Francji (która też akurat była w Tokio wtedy), a która umie japoński. Przetlumaczyła nam co jest co :D