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Favourite Harajuku Fashion channels

Lately the weather is so amazing. Sun at last! Tho forecast says winter will come back but hopefully they're wrong! Now, what was I supposed to talk about today? Oh, yes, Youtube. More specifically j-fashion centered Youtube channels. I'd like to mention few of my favourites, cuz they're fairly entertaining and that's what everybody loves!

Absolutely a must-see channels. First one is dedicated not only to fashion but also to Anime conventions. If you are not interested in that, check older videos. There's some really awesome stuff, like for example a parody trailer of 'Mean Girls'- Mean Lolitas or Sh*t Lolitas Say.
Second channel is dedicated completly to j-fashion. Great content.  
Japanese fashion, makeup tutorials and interviews.
Rin Rin Doll
Lolita model and celebrity.
Very cute japanese lolita who's introducing lolita, making reviews etc. 
Lovely Lor 
Cute and funny girl doing all sorts of lolita and j-fashion related videos.  
My personal recomendation for all those who like gothic, guro and dandy fashion.
VERY sweet lolita channel. Lately dedicated to bunnies. But check out older videos for tutorials and all sorts of cute stuff.
Classic/ gothic lolita.
Kawaii/ Fairy-kei reviews.  
Colorful and positive person, also representing fairy kei fashion. 

Do You have any favourite channels or videos about lolita or other trends from Harajuku area? If they were not mentioned here- please share the link with me! 

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  1. LovelyLor is my favourite youtube channel! and here is HelloBatty. She has a few video about lolita, but also other interesing stuff related with alternative fashion and disney. :)

    1. Oh, I know HelloBatty <3 She's lovely :D Thanks for reminding me 'bout her :D