sobota, 19 marca 2016

Mini lolita meetup at Katowice city

I had some personal busines to take care of at Katowice, so I thought- why not meet with friends by the way, when I'll be there. I was very happy that Eriko, her boyfriend; Marek and Margot found some time for me.

From left: me, Margot and Eriko. Our group pic by Marek Null.
I wore my basic BtSSB JSK. Margot had Lady Sloth's dress and Eriko- Infanta's Rapunzel.
Marek and Eriko- very sweet couple!
I was also about to meet Iris, but seems like she got bit sick (hope You feel better now!) so couldn't attend.

We decided on going to Miss Cupkake and after drinking/eating move to other place, which name I forgot but it was pretty awesome, cuz we had space to play Lolita Monopolly at last!

Preparing for battle. 
 Thinking of strategy.
Ready, set, GO!
Burandollars <3
Since I didn't have much time, we didn't really finish game, thus haven't choosen winner. Still, I assume I'd rather loose than win this match XD;;;;

To sum it up- day was awesome, spent with great people! I demand more meetups like this!

And as a bonus content catch pictures from Katowice's city center.

6 komentarzy:

  1. Buuuu T^T Tak zazdroszczę! Ale już mi lepiej, następnego meetu nie odpuszczę! :< Ślicznie wyglądałyście <3

    1. Trzymam za słowo i widzimy się niebawem :D

  2. The second place is called Teoria :) And remember that this is a thing about Lolopoly: you're losing so much money during the game, but the same happens to other players! So this game is like "who will become bankrupt 5 minutes sooner than others". I wait for the occasion to finish that game! :D Thank you for great meetup!

    1. I realy liked Teoria's atmosphere <3

      We've gotta finish the game! YESSSS~~~

  3. lolita monoploy looks amazing and hilarious, I'll have some burnado dollars please aha!

  4. Tęsknie za Katowicami, dawno tam nie byłam... poszłabym do Okonomiyaki Yo! ;A;