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Pyrkon 2016 [IMG heavy]

I promised myself, that I will go for Pyrkon no matter what this year. Even tho I should save monies and forget about any kind of events like this, before my next removal (again...), I couldn't miss the biggest Polish Fantasy and Multigenre convention. Especially when so many of my friends (those from real life and those, who I just know online) were planning to arrive there. And god knows when will be another chance to meet up with them! Sooooo~ I prepared my rather humble outfits, bought 3 day pass for Pyrkon, acquired train tickets to city of Poznań and made reservation with bunch of pals at quite classy residence, very close to event.

When the day of festival came, I woke up at 3am (yes, a freakin middle of the night XD), took all of my stuff and rushed for train. It was filled in 99% with people, who were also traveling for convention (seriously!). Even tho I did not know guys in my section, they turned out to be cool company, so those 5 hours of trip passed quite quickly.

In Poznań I joined my old friends and with new portion of enthusiasm, moved in direction of Pyrkon. It turned out, that festival grounds were just beside train station. We were super happy about that, but not so much with the lenght of lines to the cashdesks.

Now, I understand, that it's a huge event and there are thousands of people who need to be checked before entering. But it does not explain chaos, misinformation and organizers who seemed totally overhelmed with situation, What's more- after standing in one line, people were forced to stand in second one

to get their IDs. And no, they were not custom, name IDs, in case any of you asked. They looked like this (pic made already at home):

It took me more than 3 hours to finally receive my very humble 'starter pack'; pass, few coupons, dice for gaming and information booklet. With that last one came another dissapointment. When I saw it, I cried a bit inside. Size A4, not very practical, black and white, low quality print. Why, Pyrkon, why?

I have left my luggage at friend's stand, changed onto other outfit (which was, unfortunately, not pictured) and started exploring conplace, which is my usual routine.

I checked all 20 Pyrkon's program sections. There were few things that interested me, tho they seemed to be repeated next day, so I decided to just walk around festival grounds, to get to know the place better. I feel like it was a good choice, since I was able to make plenty of pictures of cosplayers and nicely dressed people.

 Awesome Joker.
 Undertale group.

 Alucard from Hellsing.

Lagherta fro Vikings. 
 Rey from Star Wars.

 Uncle Stan from Gravity Falls.
Bill, also from Gravity Falls.
 Fellow lolita; Sake, this time in pin-up style.
 Tiny Merida from Brave *V*
 Misha, my colleague as fem/Stan, Goku from DB and Ailish.
 Isin't that Absentia?

Around 9PM me and my colleagues went to hotel, which appeared to be seriously awesome (my room was HUGE!).

Saturday started with dressing onto my newest lolita JSK- Infanta Swan Lake Love (pic by Misha- thank You!)

and getting a coffie (I needed it so badly). Part of my group went to prepare their stall and I have decided to check some panels and attractions. This time it was bad idea, since they were so packed, that I couldn't get in. I wasn't the one who had the same problem. There were just so many people, that there was no possibility to just randomly jump onto some prelection. I was like 'okay, then I will wait for Masquarade'. It was biggest cosplay event on Pyrkon, so I went to the hall, where it took place

one hour before it began and...didn't get in again! I started to be really angry, since it was already second part of second day and I have not seen anything yet. I checked program again but there was nothing I was interested in, so I just decided on social.

Sunday was last day of Pyrkon. Many people went home already, so there were bigger chances to get onto panels. I went for the one entitled 'Inception in anime' which was basically about anime in anime. It was cool, I got to know anime about mushrooms. No, no kiddin, haha!

After that I went for 'Alternative Fashion Show', which took place in same hall as Masquerade. It was okay. To be honest- I enjoyed watching it, but there was nothing that was outstanding. Collections that were introduced were pretty much same thing you can see on google graphics typing 'steampunk' or 'goth'. Nothing extraordinary. Nothing that I'd be ave about.

There was also collection of lolita dresses, made by Lady Sariel. They were nice but IMO bit too plain.

Around 3PM me and my group packed our stuff and rushed for train. Our trip back to Krakow was epic and I think I will remember it my whole life. Good company is everything! As for Pyrkon itself- it was good, could been better. I give it 6,5 out of 10. Too many basic mistakes, misinformation for such a big event. Still, I had fun and I reccomend this festival.

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  1. Aww I'm sorry about the con being so unorganized! I would send feedback if I were you ^^

    Your co ord looks so beautiful! Nice photos ^^ <3

    1. I dunno if the group, which is taking responsibility for festival, cares about feedback tbh ;_;

      Thank You so much for kind words and I am happy You like my pics <3

  2. Ciesze się, że mogłysmy się zobaczyć na konwencie ( i dziekuję za zdjęcia!)
    W doborowym towarzystwie nawet dłuuuuugie czekanie na cosplay nie było tak tragiczne ;)

    1. czo tam kosplej :D Było grubo tak czy siak <3 Piąteczka!

  3. Cieszę się że mogłam Cię spotkać ^^