środa, 29 czerwca 2016

BL Shoes s506 and comic

My lost Bodyline package was finally found and dalivered. I will review it's contents today, which is Bodyline shoes s506.
This model is relatively new product, I haven't seen too many people who own it. The reason may be also cuz at the begining of sale of this product, there was drama about a girl, who received product with some serious faults.
Still, I took a risk and bought shoes, cuz I really like their design. Was it a good or bad choice? Let's see. First of all; the price. These were kinda cheap. I paid 30$ with shipping. Some time ago they cost 69,99$ but as you prolly know- mr Yan changes the prices on a whim.
I have choosen colour black, since it's most universal one, but as you can see on pic above- there are 3 other colours available.

This is not arrival, so no pics of package itself, but I received my item not in a box but wrapped onto bubble foil and with foam stuffed inside shoes. 
I've ordered size 245 which usually matches EU39/UK6 and it's exacly what it should be. Shoes fit me very well, they're not to small, not too big. 

Okie dokie, time for my real life photos. 
First of all- the ecologic leather used in this model is soft and rather delicate.
I'd say that maybe a little bit too delicate, since I haven't had the chance to wear these shoes yet and I can already see white scratches in few places, made probably while manufacturing.  
I'm not a big fan of press-studs so I was very happy to discover that this model has zipper on side. Hello comfort of puting shoes on and off.
Front bows are nice, but slightly crooked and have different sizes(randomly, I doubt it's supposed to be like that!) but it's hardly noticable when shoes are on legs and even more when one is moving around.
 Now, heart buckles are one of the cutest things in this model! I adore them so much *_*
Heels are more or less 4 cm high, not too big, not to small for me. (I'd say they're perfect. My feet does not feel sore with that high at all)
 Side view. Quite handome ;)
Unfortunatelly, as mentioned above, I haven't had chance to 'test' these shoes outside yet. But soon, soon. Yet my first impression of this model is rather positive. They're very nice visually. They're (surprisingly!) properly profiled (which I wouldn't say about rest of my BL shoes...).
I am happy with this purchase.

Now for something totally different!
I'd like to reccomend you an awesome artist, who is known under the name Storm Neverland. Recently she has decided to make a series of lolita related comic strips, showing community's hillarious momments. I had pleasure to be a part of one of the chapters!
This situation took place two weeks ago, before the meetup. And this was my exact reaction! hahaha! 

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  1. Jedne z moich wymarzonych butów, których niestety nigdy nie kupię, ponieważ na 100% będą na mnie za luźne w łydkach :"D Pięknie prezentują się na Twoich nogach ♥ mam nadzieję że wkrótce zobaczę je w jakiejś stylizacji ^^